Michael Cera Releases an Album That's So Amazingly Michael Cera


You guys, Michael Cera now exists in music form.

Jonah Hill tweeted a link Sunday to his Superbad bestie's album, titled true that.

This album totally exists and is so Michael Cera it hurts. You can listen to it here.

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There's something about this album’s existence that you want to make fun of so badly but after listening to it, we just can't. It's lo-fi, folky, and kind of amazing. Picture being inside on a rainy day, reupholstering thrift store furniture, while Arrested Development plays on Netflix in the background. That's what true that is like.

He even sings, too! Michael Cera sings on this album, you guys! His soft, delicate voice burrows right into your soul like butter into toast.

Don't get us wrong. This is not Iggy Azalea or Ariana Grande, but if you're looking for a new “oh, you've probably never heard of it" record, then this new offering from the star of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is for you.

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If nothing else, these guys get it.

These guys totally get it.

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true that is available for purchase on Bandcamp with three bonus tracks.

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