Bristol Palin Admits to Having 'Necessary' Facial Surgery

Getty Images

Bristol Palin caused quite a stir earlier this month when she arrived to the Candie's Foundation 2011 benefit gala with a surprising new look -- a dark 'do, and noticeably more well-defined jaw and cheekbones. In light of plastic surgery rumors, The Associated Press reports that the daughter of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has decided speak out to US Weekly, where Bristol admits to having a  "necessary" non-cosmetic procedure.

In an interview with Us Weekly on stands Friday, Bristol confirms that she underwent corrective jaw surgery a month after she left "Dancing with the Stars" in December, 2010.

She says the new look makes her appear "older" and "more mature," conceding that "it improved the way [she looked]," but that the "surgery was necessary for medical reasons."

Although admitting the "necessary" procedure has enhanced her appearance, she denies any future plans for plastic surgery, claiming that she would not alter her appearance "unless [she] got in an accident or something terrible and got disfigured."

You can read more about Bristol in US Weekly, which will be on newsstands Friday.