Lady Gaga: 'I'm Really Quite Traditional'

Getty Images

MTV has just released a trailer for their intimate interview with Lady Gaga called "Lady Gaga: Inside The Outside" airing May 26.

In the latest video, Lady Gaga is dramatically sitting alone in the middle of a dark room as she candidly answers questions. The video is set to haunting piano music and in the short clip, she claims that despite being known for her eccentricity, she is in fact "traditional."

"I'm really quite traditional actually," Gaga says sincerely. "Contrary to what people might think about me. I'm quite traditional in the family sense."

She also reflects on her musical influences growing up.

Discussing her parents she says, "Don't spoon feed me The Beatles and Stevie Wonder and Bruce Springsteen and Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin and Elton John and expect for me not to turn out this way."

Check out the video to preview Lady Gaga's highly anticipated MTV special.