Christopher Walken Recalls Natalie Wood's Death

Getty Images

Christopher Walken was one of the few people there on the night Natalie Wood died, but he has remained tight-lipped about the evening -- with the exception of one revealing interview from 1997.

While talking with Playboy Magazine (via), Walken recalled the night's events and even offered up a theory as to what might have happened.

"Anybody there saw the logistics -- of the boat, the night, where we were, that it was raining -- and would know exactly what happened," he told Playboy Magazine. "You hear about things happening to people – they slip in the bathtub, fall down the stairs, step off the curb in London because they think that the cars come the other way – and they die. You feel you want to die making an effort at something; you don’t want to die in some unnecessary way."

"What happened that night only she knows, because she was alone. She had gone to bed before us, and her room was at the back. A dinghy was bouncing against the side of the boat, and I think she went out to move it. There was a ski ramp that was partially in the water. It was slippery – I had walked on it myself. She had told me she couldn’t swim; in fact, they had to cut a swimming scene from [Brainstorm]. She was probably half asleep, and she was wearing a coat."

Walken goes on to theorize that the actress hit her head before tumbling into the water.

The investigation into Wood's death was reopened this week after new evidence was brought to authorities about the night in question.