What's Seinfeld's 'Soup Nazi' Up To Now?


No soup for you! An iconic phrase familiar to Seinfeld fans everywhere, delivered on the show with all the venom and spite of a character Jerry and Co. justifiably came to dub 'The Soup Nazi.'

Larry Thomas, the talented actor behind the popular 'Soup Nazi' character, was in attendance at the 8th Annual LA Femme International Film Festival, where he talked to ET about meeting up and reminiscing with Jerry on the set of a SuperBowl commercial they filmed together earlier this year.

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"It was really cool reconnecting with him because…while we were working, he asked me some trivia questions about our episode…he goes, who was that girl who took the bag away from George in the first scene? I don't remember casting her. And I said, 'because you didn't, she was an extra.' … [so] I got to tell him something about his show he didn't know."

Thomas also spoke of life after Seinfeld, specifically how his career changed once landing the role on the popular sitcom.

He told ET, "…it got everyone in town to know me, and when people in Hollywood start getting to know you, they start to think of you and bring you in on stuff and give you more opportunities…and it all becomes work. And that's the thing, is work. It's what we all want."

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For more on Thomas, including his thoughts on acting for television and independent film, be sure to watch the video!

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