Lady Gaga: I 'Felt Dead' After Canceling Shows

Lady Gaga: I 'Felt Dead' After Canceling Shows

In a radio interview with Elvis Duran & the Z100 Morning Show airing Tuesday, Lady Gaga opens up about her disappointment at not being able to finish the American leg of her Born This Way tour, and we have an exclusive clip.

"To be honest, I felt dead," lamented Gaga. "When I'm not onstage I don't feel alive."

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After 99 shows a stage injury that the music superstar had been hiding worsened, leaving her unable to walk. With about 20 shows remaining, it was determined that Gaga had suffered a labral tear of the right hip that required surgery.

"It was [devastating] because I couldn't finish," said Gaga, who still practiced choreography in bed while recovering from surgery. "I couldn't give every fan in the United States what they deserved, which was to see that show and continue the message."

Gaga explained that the message behind Born This Way enabled her to grow a deeper relationship with concertgoers, saying, "The connection I built with my fans now is so different than what it was before. It means so much more."

Don't forget to tune into the nationally syndicated Elvis Duran & the Z100 Morning Show at 8 a.m. ET tomorrow morning to hear their full interview with Lady Gaga! Go to to find a station near you. Gaga's album, Artpop, is out November 11.