Riff Raff Will Take You to Prom for $28K

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Did Katy Perry have to pay Riff Raff to take her to the MTV Video Music Awards?

The pop star's date to the VMAs is now offering up his services as a prom date ...for a price. For $28,000, the 32-year-old rapper will take you to your school dance, in addition to throwing in a few perks.

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Riff Raff's prom package is only for those 18 years or older and includes a week of Twitter and Instagram promotion of the prom date, pulling up to the dance in a Lamborghini, video and photos of him at the dance and "the best penthouse suite in town."

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To get an idea of what a Riff Raff date looks like, ET flashes back to when he and Katy wore all-denim outfits to the VMAs this past August, inspired by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's matching ensembles in 2001.

Do you think Riff Raff is worth $28,000 for a night?

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