Most Awkward Interview Ever? Justin Bartha Embarrasses Jill Martin over Bradley Cooper 'Obsession'

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Chalk it up to a bad joke?

Hangover star Justin Bartha seemed to do everything in his power to embarrass Jill Martin during her interview for A New York Minute on Sunday, when the two chatted courtside at the Knicks and Cavaliers basketball game. After Martin asked him which of the 2015 Oscar nominees for Best Picture was his favorite, he quickly turned the talk to the reporter's alleged "obsession" with American Sniper's Bradley Cooper.

"You gotta stop texting me about him by the way," Bartha told her. "I know he's sexy, and he's great, but it's enough already."

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After Martin denied it with a laugh, Bartha refused to drop it.

"He has asked about you once and I shouldn't have told you that because now you're obsessed and you're always asking me about Bradley," he continued.

And that's when things started getting a little uncomfortable.

Watch as eventually, Martin cuts off the interview.

"I don't know how this became about me, we wanted to talk about you, but on that note ...," she said, noticeably irritated.

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