Lisa Rinna Explains Her Cryptic Tweet: Changes 'Don't Always Feel Good'

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With all the casting news surrounding The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it’s hard not to read into any
update from the cast.

First, it was announced
that Kim Richards was not returning for season six, and then Brandi Glanville confirmed
that she was exiting the series. Then, in the middle of all that, Lisa
Vanderpump told
ET she was unsure about doing another season.

So when Lisa Rinna, who, alongside Eileen Davidson joined
the show last season, tweeted that
“I've had many jobs everything always works out the way it's suppose to. One
door closes another one opens. It's all good.” Everyone -- Vanderpump included
-- wondered if she was making a veiled announcement about her status on the

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But Rinna cleared the air (sort of) when ETonline sat down
with her at the sixth annual Barefoot Wine Pride Kick Off Celebration -- an event
she was hosting -- at The Park in Chelsea in New York City. “It kind of got
everybody wound up, didn’t it?” the actress said. “I’ve been in this business a
long time… and I don’t think about what I’m going to tweet. I tweet much like
you see me on the show. It just comes out of me.”

“Something came to me today and I just needed to get that
message out,” she continued. “There’s no message to it. I’m not giving away
anything. I think that there’s been some changes and things that have gone on that
I wanted to put out in the universe that life goes on and it’s OK. It doesn’t
always feel good maybe when you don’t get asked back to a show or you decide
you’re going to go in another direction on a show. I think maybe I was putting
that out for whoever might need that at this moment.”

While Rinna’s status on the show has yet to formally be announced, we did ask her about the idea of doing a spin-off with Davidson, who she shared a lot of scenes with last season. “Unfortunately they’re already doing that with NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak,” she quipped. But given that they spent three years working together on Days of Our Lives before reuniting on the Bravo franchise, it’s not totally a far-fetched idea. “Coming onto the show at the same time was a godsend for both of us,” Rinna added. “We had each other’s back in a way because we come from the same understanding and place.”

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Given that we were with Rinna at a gay pride event, the conversation turned to her husband Harry Hamlin, who has made a career of playing gay, including in 1982’s Making Love. “I really did marry the gay icon,” she said with a smile. “There are so many things that are so interesting about Harry that nobody knows, that when people get to see it, it’s really great.”

Well, if a spin-off with Davidson doesn’t work out, we’ll totally watch one with her and Hamlin.