EXCLUSIVE: Jessa (Duggar) Seewald and Husband Ben Explain How They Save Money

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Jessa Seewald and husband Ben took the stage at the Southern Women’s Show in Orlanda, Florida on Saturday to answer some questions about their finances, after having recently faced some online backlash about their employment status.

The couple were eager to share how they pinch pennies and save in their family.  

"I like to shop around for bargains. I try to shop mostly consignment and places like that," Jessa shared.. "I shop at Ross a lot. I love Ross."

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The third-oldest Duggar daughter cited the same frugality championed by her parents, who often demonstrated their money-saving tips on the family’s TLC show, 19 Kids and Counting.

Jessa and Ben revealed how they saved money on their November 2014 wedding day, including bargain hunting and treating guests to an ice cream sundae bar instead of spending big bucks on a fancy wedding cake.

"We were shopping around, trying to find bargains, and we had an amazing wedding coordinator that helped with all those details," Jessa explained. "We reused a lot of Jill's decorations and things from her wedding, and the church [where] we got married, they had a lot of stuff in storage. They let us use their decorations for free, that was a huge blessing."

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The 22-year-old reality star and her husband have caught some flack recently for their employment status. While the couple stand to make some money from the upcoming TLC special documenting the birth of their first child, due in November, Ben has bounced between careers and currently works for Jessa’s father, Jim Bob Duggar, doing odd jobs.

A source told ET that Ben even considered pursuing acting at one point, but now has his sights set on going to seminary school to become a pastor -- a move that might even take the couple away from their family in Arkansas.

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"Our plan right now is to stay in Arkansas," Jessa said. "Ben's seminary that he's looking into, if that requires us to move then we might eventually move. But for now, we're in Arkansas."

"We're still in the planning stages," Ben added.