Ariana Grande Wants Fans to 'Focus' on Her Sexy Style and Blonde Hair in New Music Video


It seems appropriate that all eyes are be on Ariana Grande in the new music video for her song "Focus."

"Surprise!!!! it’s here!!!!” Grande tweeted after the song dropped on iTunes. "I really feel like I just gave birth…………………. #FOCUS IS FINALLY HERE."

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While Grande's trademark ponytail is in full force in the music video, Grande pulls off a blonde 'do pretty well.

There's not much to this music video in terms of a plot. The 22-year-old pop star seeks to grab fans' attention with scantily-clad outfits, seductive dance moves, trumpet playing and singing in a box.

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"Focus" isn't all Grande has in store for her fans. In August, ET gave an exclusive first look at her emotionally-charged duet, "E Piu Ti Penso" from Once Upon a Time in America/Malena, with Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. Check it out:

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