Ryan Reynolds' Face in Couples Pic With Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Inspires Hilarious Memes

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Ryan Reynolds might be Deadpool on the big screen, but in this Fourth of July photo, his fans are jokingly referring to him as "dead inside."

Taylor Swift's pal, Britany LaManna, shared a cozy pic on Tuesday from the 26-year-old singer's Independence Day celebration that featured Swift sitting on her new beau Tom Hiddleston's lap, a pregnant Blake Lively seated with Reynolds and LaManna on the lap of her guy, Ben Lamanna.

The photo featured yet another adorable moment between Hiddleswift, but the Internet couldn't help but notice Reynolds' melancholy facial expression in the image, which inevitably evoked a series of memes and jokes at the 39-year-old actor's expense.

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"Someone free @VancityReynolds. Looks like he's contemplating all his life's decisions and I need #Deadpool2 to happen," one Twitter user commented on the pic.

"You guys, I think Ryan Reynolds is sending a signal... 'HELP MEEEEE!' Someone needs to check on him," another tweet quipped.

The jokes didn't stop there. "I now know what to call the Deadpool sequel: Deadpool -- Dead Inside. - Ryan Reynolds’ internal monologue," one Twitter user wrote.

"Ryan Reynolds wondering how he can convince his wife to not be friends with Taylor Swift there," another fan joked.

"Behold Ryan Reynolds regretting every life choice," a commenter quipped. "A defeated man holding in a scream of eternal regret."

There was even a tweet that asked fans to tag themselves as: "I'm Ryan Reynolds dying inside."

While Swift and Hiddleston, whose relationship has also received the meme treatment, couldn’t keep their hands off each other over the holiday weekend, Reynolds and Lively also had onlookers gushing. “They're so cute together!” an observer told ET. “She looks far along -- her baby bump is pretty big! Ryan was helping her walk over some rocks to get down to the beach. He seemed to be really protective over her.”

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Swift and guests have been sharing a slew of great photos from the Fourth of July party. Check out the star-studded weekend:

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