'Bachelor in Paradise' Gets Its First 'I Love You' of the Season

But...another consistent couple might be in trouble!

It’s the first “I love you” of the season! Bachelor in Paradise is usually more about laughs than its counterparts, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but real love connections can also be formed. (Hey, Jade and Tanner got hitched!) On Monday night, one of this season’s out-of-the-gate relationships was cemented even further when Grant Kemp told Lace Morris he loved her (in a hot tub with champagne, of course).

“I know that when you open up to somebody and you care about them, you care about them with your whole heart,” he told her. “That’s why I love you.”

Morris couldn’t help but cry over Kemp’s sweet confession, but told the cameras she wasn’t “there yet” when it came to saying “I love you” in return. Still, her feelings are strong. “When I stare at him in his eyes, I get butterflies,” she confessed. “I could see a future with this man.”

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But there’s always trouble in Paradise: another frontunner couple’s future might not be as certain. Vinny Ventiera and Izzy Goodkind had seemed rock solid, but when Brett Melnick (no, we don’t remember him either…supposedly he was from Andi Dorfman’s season?) entered, things changed. Izzy said Brett was the visual incarnation of her perfect man, and that she wanted to explore her options with him. Basically, she kicked sweet Vinny to the sandbar curb!

The episode ended on a cliffhanger, with Vinny waiting to confront Izzy as she blow-dried her hair. Honestly…why bother in that humidity?!

Oh, and, for what it’s worth – Ashley Iaconetti was still crying over Jared Haibon, Josh Murray was still eating pizza and Jorge was still serving the drinks. Long live Paradise!