Charlie Sheen Jumps Back Into 'Major League' Indians Uniform for World Series


Charlie Sheen might be the most famous Cleveland Indian to have never actually played in a real game, and he made his World Series alliance clear prior to Game 2.

The 51-year-old Golden Globe winner jumped back into his Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn jersey from Major League for a video tweeted on Wednesday night before the Indians took on the Chicago Cubs at Progressive Field.

"Go tribe," Sheen says in the clip, standing in front of a screen projecting the 1989 comedy.

Sheen has been a favorite among Indians fans since playing the hotshot rookie pitcher on the big screen, leading some to push for him to throw out the first pitch for the World Series. To Sheen's disappointment, that honor went to former Indians outfielder Kenny Lofton.

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"I had this crazy fantasy that they would play that ["Wild Thing" by The Troggs] song, the bullpen door would open, and I would do that long walk, which I think would have put that place on its freaking ear," the actor told The Hollywood Reporter. "It kind of felt like Major League Baseball let its fans down -- and that's not a shot at Lofton or anybody."

But Sheen might have something else in the works for Cleveland faithfuls. He told THR that David Ward, writer and director of Major League, has written a script for a third installment of the franchise "which is as good as the first one."

"ML3 has as much heart, as much comedy as the original," Sheen said.

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According to Sheen, Tom Berenger, Corbin Bernsen and Wesley Snipes are on board to team up again for the sequel if they can cut through the red tape that's been holding them back.

"We have been trying to get it done for a few years," he said. "There have been some hang-ups with the rights."

Despite losing his opportunity at delivering the first pitch of the series, Sheen said he's still up for attending a game if invited. Should the series go six games, the next match up in Cleveland would be Tuesday, Nov. 1.