Priyanka Chopra on Beauty Lessons and Tour Life With the J-Sisters (Exclusive)

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Sisterhood, makeup inspo and being on tour with the Jonas Brothers -- Priyanka Chopra Jonas is living every girl’s dream!

The stunning 37-year-old actress shared some inside scoop on the J-Sisters with ET’s Lauren Zima at Beautycon Festival LA over the weekend.

And, just like any gal pals, Priyanka, who wed Nick Jonas in December, and her sisters-in-law (Kevin Jonas’ wife, Danielle, and Joe Jonas’ wife, actress Sophie Turner) love to swap beauty tips.

So, what has she learned from Danielle and Sophie?

“Fresh face from Sophie, and always beautifully-tan skin from Danielle,” Priyanka said. “She's always the right tan. Like, she's always amazing. I think both of them are beautiful girls [and] it's really awesome to be in their company. I feel like I really shine more.”

The ladies likely have plenty of time to talk makeup while on the road with their husbands, who recently kicked off their Happiness Begins Tour.

Priyanka said she’s juggling work with attending shows, but when she does, it’s a family affair -- with an entourage of 60!

“Let me just tell you, it's a whole family situation,” she dished. “I never thought that it would be like that. So, we've created our own hashtag of #wivesontour. But it's so fun because everyone is with their kids and their wives.”

“My entire family's always there,” Priyanka continued. “I've just been to the one show right now in Miami because I'm working as well, but it's just such a beautiful vibe. The boys are so great. In Miami, between all of us, there were about 60 people. “

Just like the rest of the concert attendees, Priyanka happily fangirls out whenever she makes it to a show.

“I'm not gonna be on tour with them for the next 20 days because I'm off to do a movie, but whenever I go back, I fangirl,” she admitted. “I love watching them do what they do best and it's incredible to see so many people be affected, not just by their music, but by them as brothers and as a family. I love what they stand for is togetherness and family and I think that's what the world needs to be more about.”

ET caught up with the Jonas Brothers backstage at the Miami gig, where they talked about having their wives and kids out for the show.

"They're all here tonight, so that should be good, and our parents are in town," said Nick, who joined his brothers to accept the Decade Award at the 2019 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday. "[Our brother] Frankie is in town. We got the extended family. It is an army."

"The VIP section is going to be pouring over," Joe added.   

Meanwhile, Kevin gushed about witnessing his daughters, 5-year-old Alena and 2-year-old Valentina, come to terms with road life.

“Yesterday my girls showed up for the first time seeing the backstage and getting some special stuff for the road and they were in the best mood I think they've ever been, so I am just beyond excited to have them see this for the first time tonight," he said. “It's different, but we're enjoying every single moment.”

The guys also discussed how different it was to be back on the road now that fans have grown up with them -- and can drink!

"I think the thing that was most surprising to us when one of the first shows we did back was our fans were tipsy at the show, which was new for us -- we never played our music to people drinking, necessarily," Nick said. "Now, that is sort of the objective at the show. We've literally crafted the show with that in mind. People want to come and have a good time."

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