Rachel Bilson Talks Love of 'Bachelor' Franchise and 'Easy on the Eyes' Tyler Cameron (Exclusive)

Rachel Bilson
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The actress also touched on a 'Hart of Dixie' revival, her new Celebreaks campaign and more.

People can't get enough of the Bachelor and neither can Rachel Bilson.

The actress chatted with ET this week to talk about how she celebrates her everyday wins, being the best mom to her 4-year-old daughter, Briar, and her love for the Bachelor franchise.

"I have 'me nights' -- that are very short because I have to get to sleep and I have to wake up with my daughter -- where I take baths or make time to watch any of the Bachelor shows, because that is my 'me time,'" Bilson told ET over the phone while promoting her new La Marca Prosecco Celebreaks campaign, before sharing her thoughts on Bachelorette Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron's post-show relationship.

"I will say, pre-the-finale airing, I was hoping that Tyler was going to be the Bachelor, but I feel like Tyler will be just fine. I don't think he needs to go that route," Bilson said about the show's finalist. "It was super entertaining, and I kind of think that Hannah should be the Bachelorette again. I feel like she deserves another season."

Fans of the Bachelorette saw Brown ask Cameron out for a drink in her season finale, after breaking off her engagement with Jed Wyatt. However, after Brown and Cameron's date, the 26-year-old contractor and model has since been spotted going on multiple dates with Gigi Hadid.

"I think Tyler is doing his thing. I think he'll be just fine," Bilson said about Cameron's future. The former O.C. star had expressed her interest in Cameron on Nick Viall's Instagram last month, jokingly writing, "Well he is a tall drink of water..." So would she ever be interested in going on a date with Cameron?  

"He was definitely my favorite and my pick, I should say while watching. I think most people enjoyed watching him," Bilson, who is 11 years older than Cameron, acknowledged before shooting down the dating idea. "[But] no. I mean, I could have birthed him, so the answer is there. [laughs] I'm just kidding! He's very young. But he's definitely easy on the eyes."

Bilson, meanwhile, is currently on the search for her next project -- "I'm hoping to do something more family-oriented so that my daughter can watch it and feel proud of Momma" -- but she recently reunited with a handful of her former co-stars. She posted a photo of her and fellow O.C. alum Adam Brody on Tuesday, and she reunited with her former Hart of Dixie love interests, Scott Porter and Wilson Bethel, last week.

"It was so good [to see Scott and Wilson]. We had the best time making Hart of Dixie. I loved that show, it really was so much fun. They're such great guys and the whole cast was a tight-knit group," she expressed.  "It would be so much fun to revisit it in any way, and the fact that I got to do it for a few minutes the other night was awesome."

As for what she misses most about portraying Dr. Zoe Hart, "it's how empowering and confident a character she was." "I love her! Talk about being a confident woman! She always stood up for herself and what she believed in. She knew who she was and she was very strong, and I always admired that about her," she shared. "Also, her fashion was pretty awesome. I had the most awesome costume designer. I loved her style. That was definitely the character that I played that was the closest to my own style. I really loved what she wore."

As for Bilson's new Celebreaks campaign, it encourages women everywhere to take a moment to celebrate the little things in life and feel proud of yourself.

"As women, taking those small wins and acknowledging all of the cool things that you should be proud of [is important]. Being a mom, I really take all those small wins when I have the opportunity to connect with friends, when you make the effort to plan a FaceTime or take a bath when your daughter goes to bed -- all of these are so important for self-care and confidence," Bilson relayed. "[And] I feel proud of myself every time that my daughter is still thriving because raising her and doing everything as a mom makes me feel proud. It makes me feel like I am doing something great, something positive and contributing."