'Riverdale' Romance Rundown: What's Next for Bughead, Choni, Varchie and More Couples in Season 3! (Exclusive)

Riverdale Season 3 Couples
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Now that we've already answered your biggest questions of season three, it's time for a Riverdale romance rundown!

The beloved teen drama returns tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, and to celebrate, ET is spilling exclusive scoop straight from Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa on what's ahead for all your favorite ships in the video below!

Read on for brand-new details about Bughead's season three "aphrodisiac," why Falice is "ascending" and if Choni will finally get more sultry moments together after so many of their scenes were cut from the show. 

Plus, find out which couple has already filmed the "sexiest scene we’ve ever had on Riverdale!"

ET: Give us the scoop -- will we finally get more Cheryl and Toni scenes together this season?

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa: Definitely! They’re an iconic couple that was forged during season two and the actors have such an easy rapport together. I think we’re going to see Cheryl and Toni enjoying themselves, while getting into their own capers as well. Cheryl has love in her life for the first time and it’s nice and romantic.

How will Jughead and Betty's relationship evolve this year now that they're serpent king and queen?

Bughead is going to be stronger than ever, and they’re going to be working together. After season two that found them on their separate storylines, it’s going to be a little bit back to basics. Betty and Jughead are working together to solve a very twisted mystery -- and that for them is like an aphrodisiac. Like, there’s nothing more romantic to Betty and Jughead than when they’re crime-solving together, so we’re going to find them in a good place for the first big chunk of episodes. 

The Kevin and Moose fans voted and the winning ship name is... Mevin! What can we expect from these two fellas?

I love those guys and I think they’re pretty sexy together and they have a good chemistry, and we see them together in episode one and then in episode two we see the differences between them. Kevin is out and Moose is not out and we kind of see that create a little bit of friction. They’re going to be kissing for a while, I think.

With Archie potentially headed to jail, what does this mean for his relationship with Veronica?

Listen, they are in trouble. Archie is facing potential time in Juvie Hall and very early on, there’s the question of “If Archie goes away, are Archie and Veronica going to break up?” I think both of them are really, really crazy about each other and are in love with each other and I think neither of them wants that to happen, so they’re going to fight against that and they’re going to fight to stay together as hard as they can. But there are going to be certain realities that you just kind of can’t work around.

What can you tell us about FP and Alice in that sultry bedroom scene in the season three trailer?

Falice is ascending. Stay tuned for episode three! Honestly, Skeet [Ulrich] and Madchen [Amick] are the biggest Falice shippers on the planet. What’s funny is we put them in a scene together in bed and we basically said, “Now remember, there’s tons of story points to get in there so don’t make it all about being sexy and adorable.” And it’s, like, the sexiest scene we’ve ever had on Riverdale, I think, and they look incredible!

Lastly, what about Josie McCoy's love life this year?

In episode one, we’re going to find out that Josie had a summer fling, and in the first chunk of the season, Josie is going to be what her song and what her artist voice is. We do have a big romance planned for Josie, but we’re delaying it for a little bit.

What do you think, Riverbabes? Are you ready for Bughead to be closer than ever? Who's worried about Varchie? And what type of Choni scenes are you hoping to see in season three? Share your thoughts with @LeanneAguilera on Twitter and don't miss new episodes of Sweetwater Secrets every Wednesday and Thursday on ET's YouTube Channel!

Season three of Riverdale premieres Wednesday, Oct. 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.


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