Scott Foley on Potential Future 'Scandal' Cameos on His New Show 'The Big Leap' (Exclusive)

The actor is ready for a 'Scandal' reunion.

Could we see a Scandal reunion on Scott Foley's new show, The Big Leap? As he told ET, he's already working on it. 

ET's Matt Cohen joined the actor on set of the new Fox dramedy, where he revealed he's already put an ask in with Kerry Washington

"Kerry has been directing a bunch, and I actually reached out to her to direct an episode," Foley shared. "She wasn't available this season, hopefully we'll get another one, and she can come back." 

"But I would love to get more than one of them here to do this. I think they'd have a blast," he added, "and if we could get them to dance..." 

The Big Leap -- also starring Piper Perabo, Teri Polo and more -- sees Foley play a TV producer of a dance reality show, but don't expect the actor himself to put on his dancing shoes. 

"I did on Scandal," he reminded fans, "which is why I won't be dancing here. I got enough crap on the internet that I think people are happy with my one dance moment, and don't need to see it again." 

"There is a bit of the patriarchal role, the guy who A, needs to get things done, but B, wants to get them done while still taking care of the people that he's working with," Foley continued. "It's a fun role for me to play." 

As a father of three, playing a patriarchal role isn't too far out of Foley's wheelhouse. The actor travels back and forth between his family home in Connecticut and The Big Leap's set in Chicago -- but may have his two worlds colliding pretty soon. 

"I was dying for my daughter to play my actual daughter on the show," Foley shared. "They cast somebody else, it was a time issue. But I would love to have them here. My wife [actress Marika Dominczyk] is a huge fan of this show. I showed her the pilot and she was like, 'Well, you gotta get me on. I gotta have a part.' I mean, that's pressure from the wife right there." 

In the meantime, it's easy to see why The Big Leap's cast couldn't be having more fun. See Cohen get a few dance tips in the video above. 

The Big Leap premieres Sept. 20 on Fox.