See La La Anthony Hilariously Quiz Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Bryant and More Celeb Friends With Iconic Lyric

See how many of La La's famous friends know the words to Beenie Man's 'Who Am I.'

La La Anthony found out just how many of her famous friends can finish one iconic lyric -- and it's hilarious. 

In her latest Instagram video, the Power actress hysterically runs through her A-list contact list to see which one of her friends can complete the lyric to Beenie Man's hit single, "Who Am I (Sim Simma)."

"Now it’s our turn 😂," the 41-year-old actress captioned the viral video.

La La starts with her son, Kiyan, blurting out "Sim Simma" as they walk through the airport. The 14-year-old is very confused by his mother, who repeats the lyric before he asks, "Who's that?" 

The video continues with La La making an unexpected FaceTime call to her friends, blurting out the lyric as they pick up the phone. 

Next is Kelly Rowland, who picks up the FaceTime from La La while cruising in the car. It's no surprise that the musician correctly sings the rest of the lyrics.

"Who got the keys to my Beemer?"

Angie Beyince, who is a music executive and cousin of Beyoncé is surprisingly stumped by La La's request, before she answers with the incorrect part of the song.

Vanessa Bryant was ready, though, as she correctly sings along with such confidence, prompting La La to ask, "How do you know this?"

Ciara -- who is expecting her fourth child with Russell Wilson -- giggles as she follows La La's random "Sim Simma" with the correct lyric.

As for La La's brother, Christian Vázquez, he has a little trouble and replies with his middle finger. 

Meanwhile, The City Girls' Yung Miami -- who was just a toddler when the song was released -- shocks La La as she lies in bed and correctly answers the call.

And when it's time for Kim Kardashian to pick up the FT from her friend, the SKIMS founder isn't so confident, as she mumbles following La La's "Sim Simma." 

"What the hell are we saying?" Kim asks. 

"Who got the keys to my Beemer?" La La exclaims.

"I said that," Kim says. 

La La's video has not only left the internet in stitches over the amount of people who know and don't know the classic dance hall song, but her impressive contact list.

It's no surprise that the former MTV VJ knows several celebs, as she has been vocal about her girls squad that includes all the ladies in the clip.

In 2020, La La spoke with ET about showing up for her friends, whether it's supporting Kim for a SKIMS campaign, or Vanessa through the loss of her husband, Kobe Bryant, and daughter, Gianna.

"I just love to support the people I love and care about and my friends," she said.