See the New Starbucks Color-Changing Cup and Other Reusable Drinkware

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starbucks cups
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A popular item is back on the menu at Starbucks: color-changing reusable cups.

The world's largest coffee chain is creating buzz by rolling out jewel-tone and confetti-flecked plastic cups that transform hues when a cold beverage is poured inside. They're not for sale on Starbucks' site -- yet -- but they're available inside select stores. A dedicated Instagram account has been posting sightings and what we're calling "cupdates."

Why is this a big deal (and why are people already hawking them on eBay)? In March, Starbucks suspended the use of reusable personal cups and tumblers to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus outbreak. According to Business Insider, the new color-changing cups and other summer-inspired merchandise will be available across the U.S. later this month. Also: They look really cool! 

More than just a sturdier way to inhale your caffeinated beverage, Starbucks' reusable mugs and tumblers are part of the company's long-running sustainability efforts. They began offering a 10-cent reusable discount back in 1985 and their own $1 reusable cups in 2013. In 2018 alone, the use of reusable cups at Starbucks saved more than 42 million disposables.

Until we can get our hands on Starbucks' fun and eco-friendly cups, shop our favorite reusable tumblers below. 

16-Ounce Insulated Tumbler

If you're into the confetti flecks of the Starbucks cup, this Corkcicle option is a stylish stand-in. It'll keep your chilled drinks cool and your warm drinks hot.


At first glance, these stackable color-changing cups look impressively close to the Starbucks version. You can even write your own slightly misspelled name on the side.

With a wine canteen that holds (and keeps chilled) a whole bottle of wine and two tumblers with snap-on lids, you will get lots of use out of this colorful set. Promise.


These color-changing tumblers are another good dupe of the Starbucks cups, minus the lids.


This set of eight cups was designed for kids, adults who don't want to lug around a full-size cup -- and anyone who tends to lose stuff easily.


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