Tim McGraw's Daughters 'Could Not Stop Laughing' After Discovering Pic From His First Photo Shoot

The singer's daughters, whom he shares with Faith Hill, 'could not stop laughing' at the old pic of their dad.

Tim McGraw's daughters aren't shy about roasting their dad. The 56-year-old singer took to Instagram on Monday to reveal that his and Faith Hill's grown girls -- Gracie, 26, Maggie, 25, Audrey, 22 -- recently discovered a pic from his first-ever photo shoot.

"Ha! My daughters ran across this today and could not stop laughing!!" Tim wrote alongside the throwback pic, which features him giving a serious look to the camera as he hugs his guitar. "I have to admit, pretty funny!"

"My first photo shoot..... Had no Idea!!!" he added. "Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself."

Gracie commented on her dad's post, writing, "It's iconic."

Audrey chimed in too, simply writing, "HAHA" in the comments section.

It's no surprise that Tim and Faith's daughters teased their dad about the photo. When ET spoke to Tim after he won the ACM Icon Award in September, he revealed that he's used to joking from his wife and kids.

"They'll all give me a lot of crap for it for sure," he said. "With my wife and three daughters, I'm the low man on the totem pole. And I'm the least talented singer out of everybody in our family."

It's not the first time Tim's gushed about the talent in his brood.

"All three of them are great singers," he told ET of his daughters in August. "I'd love to do a song with all five of us at some point. I talk about it all the time and they're like, 'I ain't gonna sing with you, Dad.'"

"Maybe I'll talk them into it. Maybe they'll sort of grow out of that phase a little bit where they don't want to sing with me. They'll sing with Mom, but I'm probably not up to par with the rest of the them," he said. "I'm the worst singer in the family. It's true. I'm pretty good, but I'm the worst singer in the family."