Toni Braxton and Cedric the Entertainer Share Their Kids Used to Date, Talk New Vegas Residency (Exclusive)

Toni and Cedric are scheduled to perform seven shows in Las Vegas beginning April 27.

Toni Braxton and Cedric the Entertainer are ready to take Vegas by storm. 

In an exclusive interview with ET's Kevin Frazier, Toni and Cedric shared insights into their upcoming Las Vegas residency, Love & Laughter, set to debut at the Chelsea at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas on April 27.

The duo, who have known each other for years, reflected on their longstanding friendship and professional camaraderie. Cedric expressed, "Yes, we've been knowing each other for many years. We go back, you know, our careers started around the same time, and then, you know, many shows, you know, we're backstage, hanging with good people, man."

The residency promises a unique blend of music and comedy, with Cedric emphasizing, "We love great music, we love to get together, laugh, and be family and friends. So, you know, we thought, why not? This was just a beautiful opportunity to come together and be on stage." 

Toni added, "Cedric the Entertainer is the perfect title for him because we know he can make you smile. We know he can act. But this man could sing. I had no idea that he could sing."

Detailing the show's format, Cedric described a vibrant spectacle featuring music, dance and laughter. "We got, you know, a beautiful Vegas show, a lot of, you know, the lighting, the dances, the music and we just gonna blend it in this fun way that people hadn't seen before," he said.

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The idea for the residency emerged from discussions between their respective managers and was enthusiastically embraced by both artists. "Vegas wanted it," Cedric revealed, underscoring the city's appetite for innovative entertainment.

In a surprising revelation, Cedric disclosed that their children used to date, leading to frequent interactions between the families. "We've been, you know, we got a little story that it's kind of hard to tell. Like our kids used to date when they were younger. We used to have to be together a lot like when they didn’t drive," he shared.

The Cosmipolitan of Vegas

The show is slated to run for 90 minutes, promising an unforgettable evening of entertainment. 

Toni highlighted the significance of captivating the Vegas audience, noting, "It’s a different level, different audience, they wanna come there, they're spending their money, they wanna be entertained, they wanna have a great time, and they like to come back again and again."

Toni and Cedric are scheduled to perform seven shows beginning Saturday, April 27. Tickets are on sale now.