Tristan Thompson and His Brother Amari Moved in With Khloe Kardashian After Their Mom's Death

In the season finale of 'The Kardashians,' Khloe Kardashian shares how the death of Tristan's mother impacted her life.

To Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson will always be family. In Thursday's season finale of Hulu's The Kardashians, Khloe is faced with setting aside her boundaries with her ex and the father of her two children after the sudden death of Tristan's mother, Andrea Thompson. 

After the Kardashian-Jenner clan celebrates the holidays together, Khloe gets the shocking news that Andrea has died of a heart attack and hops on Kim Kardashian's plane along with her mom, Kris Jenner, to fly to Toronto, Canada. 

"Tristan found out that his mom had had a heart attack. It shook up his entire world," Kim shares. "So of course we drop everything and we go to Toronto. It's not even a question, I'll be there." 

Khloe says she received a phone call from Tristan in which he was screaming into the phone, "She's gone," and was so emotional that she couldn't understand who had died at first. The mother of two says she spoke with Andrea almost every day and shared that she was the sole caretaker for Tristan's "severely disabled" younger brother, Amari Thompson, noting that Tristan is now Amari's legal guardian. 

The reality TV stars later note that Kim and Khloe cleaned out Andrea's apartment after Tristan broke down in tears, declaring, "We gotta clean for Mommy!"

The sisters also say they figured out her life insurance policy, and went through the process of turning off her phones and credit cards. The family also made arrangements to bring Amari to Los Angeles where he and Tristan planned to move in with Khloe. 

"Isn't God just funny how you were so ready to have your year of being free and now Tristan had to move in with you, his little brother had to move in with you, his roof caved in, what are the chances?" Kim says to Khloe. 

Khloe explains that after some severe weather, Tristan's home, which was under construction, had the roof cave in. She reveals that her ex and his brother have moved in with her until the repairs can come through. 

"God does have a plan and God doesn't want him to be alone right now and why should he be?" Khloe says of Tristan. 

The exes share 5-year-old daughter True Thompson and almost 1-year-old son Tatum Thompson. They split in December 2021 after it was revealed that Tristan had fathered another child with Maralee Nichols while secretly engaged to Khloe. Khloe has previously alleged that her ex "encouraged" her to do an embryo transfer days before the news of the paternity scandal broke. 

Tristan appears several times in the season finale of the Hulu series, repeatedly thanking the Kardashians for all of their help in the wake of his mother's death. He is seen bringing baby Tatum into the room after going on a walk with the little guy, prompting an awkward shuffle on the couch as Khloe tries not to sit too close to her ex. 

"Tristan and I are not back together. I know it's hard for everyone to believe. But I love, love, love Andrea. I love Tristan. I love Amari," Khloe explains in her confessional interview. "This is what family does. This is the father of my kids. I lost my dad [Robert Kardashian] and my dad was like a fairytale parent, but still I can't wrap my head around losing my mom and I know how close Tristan and his mom are and it's just heartbreaking. And then to be left with the responsibility of another person as well. It's a lot… Tristan and I are family and we're gonna be family for the rest of our lives."

Of the sacrifice on her part, Khloe adds, "I'm grateful I'm strong enough and brave enough to be a support system for someone else who has no other support system right now. You don't have to treat me right for me to treat you right. It's not the way I was raised."

It's unclear whether Tristan is still living in Khloe's home as this episode was filmed this past winter. 

Concluding the season, Khloe shares that it's been an "exhausting" year for her, but adds a silver lining that bonding with her son, Tatum, has "definitely gotten easier" after she previously opened up about her struggle to connect with her second child after welcoming him via surrogate.

All three seasons of The Kardashians are currently streaming on Hulu.