Jennifer Aniston on Her TV Directorial Debut

Jennifer Aniston on Her TV Directorial Debut

In her latest project, Five, Jennifer Aniston is jumping out of her element, playing a role rarely seen by the actress -- director.

"Honestly, I just had so much fun," Jennifer admitted to Christina McLarty at the New York screening on Monday. "And I think when you're around the camera for so many years you kind of just get a bit of an instinct."

Five is a Lifetime TV movie that composes five short films exposing the effect breast cancer has on people's lives.

Alicia Keys and Demi Moore also directed sections of the movie.

Demi described the experience as "an incredible community of women coming together."

"I loved it," Demi quickly answered when asked about her directing duties. "Actually, I think I almost enjoyed it more than being in front of the camera."