'The Talk' Hosts on Their Stripped-Down Premiere


To kick off their third season, the women of The Talk stripped away the glamour and appeared on the show without make-up and wearing robes instead of their usual stylish clothes. At CBS's fall premiere party, the women discussed the talked-about episode.

Although the women expressed pride to have done the un-glamorized episode, creator and co-host Sarah Gilbert said that it was something that will remain a one-time occurrence.

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"I felt really nervous leading up to it...and then got there and felt like I looked so awesome, 'this is empowering,'" she recounted. "Then I saw the footage playback and I was like, 'Woah! O.K., one time's good.'"

While Sheryl Underwood felt inspired to boldly display her gray hair on the show, Sharon Osbourne said she couldn't do the same and had a "ton of red dye" in her hair for the episode.

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Most of the ladies echoed Gilbert's feelings about the episode of initial apprehension followed by relief. Co-host Julie Chen focused not on how she felt during the episode but rather its influence on its viewers.

"I thought it was liberating but the best part about it was the comments that we got from women across the country who felt empowered by something we did," she said. "It somehow set a lot of other women free."

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Also in attendance at the star-studded party was Cote de Pablo, who teased the upcoming premiere of NCIS, which ended its previous season with a tantalizing cliffhanger.

"At 'NCIS' we don't disappoint with the cliffhangers. We like to leave you guys in complete suspense," she said. "The cliffhanger was amazing and I think the payoff will be just as good. I think the fans are going to really like it."

Additionally, Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson gave us an update on his fast-approaching comedy event at The Radio City Music Hall in NYC. The October 6 show is just weeks away, but the funnyman admits he hasn't prepared for it one bit.

"I don't know what's going to happen," he laughs. "You know my style. I'll go, I'll do it and then I can tell you about it afterwards. I can't tell you about it before."

Check out the full video above for interviews with more CBS stars.