'Chicago Fire' Actors Train with the Real C.F.D.

'Chicago Fire' Actors Train with the Real C.F.D.

The actors of the upcoming drama Chicago Fire aren't just reading their lines when they battle sweltering fires--they are working from the experience of training with the real Chicago Fire Department.

"People don't really get to see what we do, so with this show and keeping it real, it gives viewers a chance to see what fire fighters really do for a living," said a member of the Chicago Fire Department who helps train the actors on the show.

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As part of their training for the show, the actors experience real-life firefighting scenarios that are usually presented in the CFD's training program. They put on the gear, pry open doors, use the Jaws of Life to dismantle a car, and enter a zero-visibility room filled with smoke to gain a better grasp of what being a fire fighter entails.

"Like in any job, the reality of the situation is always very different from how you perceive it," said Jesse Spencer.

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As one can imagine, the cast is overly humbled by the experience of training with the fire department, as they constantly find themselves unable to perform the tasks and judgment that are required to combat blazing flames.

Fittingly so, the show is filmed in the Windy City, which fell victim to the Great Chicago Fire that destroyed a good chunk of the city in 1871 and killed hundreds in the process.

Watch the trained actors as they battle fires on Chicago Fire beginning October 10 at 10 p.m. on NBC.