'How to Get Away with Murder's' Matt McGorry: Be Ready for a Plot Twist


On Thursday night's winter finale of How to Get Away With Murder fans will finally learn who killed Sam.

On Thursday night's winter finale of How to Get Away With Murder fans will finally learn who killed Sam. Matt McGorry, who plays cocky student Asher Millstone, joins ET on set and tells us to be ready for a plot twist.

"You will find out everything," McGorry assures us. "You're going to think you're like having a nice nap and then you're going to get like a slap in the face -- that's what it's going to feel like."

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Executive producer Shonda Rhimes' latest TV sensation on ABC's Thank God It's Thursday lineup follows a group of ambitious law students, including McGorry's Asher and their brilliant criminal defense professor Annalise Keating (Viola Davis), who enlists their help with her cases while also inadvertently getting them involved in the murder of her husband Sam (Tom Verica).

There's plenty of theories as to who committed the crime with Goth girl Rebecca (Kate Findlay) being the most obvious suspect -- in flashbacks she's shown covered in Sam's blood and she was caught inside the Keating house trying to erase incriminating evidence off of Sam's computer. But according to McGorry, fans are going to get a curve ball.

Before How to Get Away with Murder's finale is the mid-season finale of Scandal, and Joe Morton, who plays Olivia Pope's father Rowan, threw down the gauntlet with the challenge: "[Which show] is going to be trending the most tonight -- #WhoKilledSam or #Scandal?"

"I hate to place my bets on my own team, but #WhoKilledSam. It's gonna destroy everyone," McGorry says in response.

"I think it's going to be #Scandal because Olivia has sworn to take the kill shot of her father," Morton claims. "What's going to trend more than that?"

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Last week on Scandal, Rowan was outed as the person behind the assassination of President Fitz's son, putting him at the top of the commander-in-chief's hit list.

Both shows will surely get Twitter buzzing as fans have furiously live-tweeting reactions to the twists and turns on Rhimes' hit series.

Get those hashtags ready when Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder air on ABC tonight at 9 and 10 ET, respectively.

We screamed at the screen multiple times.