Ellen DeGeneres Strips for David Letterman?!

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First Tina Fey and now Ellen!

First Tina Fey strips down to her Spanx for David Letterman and now Ellen DeGeneres is taking it all off for the beloved late-night host!

Well, sorta.

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DeGeneres did one of her typical green-screen mash-ups to make it seem like she got naked while on the Late Show. The daytime host -- who's had her fair share of stars strip down on her show -- made it look like she bared all during Letterman's "Top 10 Things That Have Been on Ellen DeGeneres' Mind Lately."

"Now that everyone knows I can dance, I should show them how well I can play the harp," she announced as her CGI bra and underwear landed on Letterman and band leader Paul Shaffer.

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In all sincerity, DeGeneres said after the segment, "I'm gonna miss you, Dave. You're a brilliant man and you've been an inspiration to me."

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Of course, she had to add, "If you ever want me to strip for you again, just call me."

Letterman's last Late Show will air Wednesday, May 20. In the meantime, relive Fey's strip show: