Wendy Williams Gives Her Candid Thoughts on Her Show's Final Episode, Plans for Future Projects

The former talk show host recently opened up about what she wants to do with her free time.

Wendy Williams has big plans. The former host of The Wendy Williams Show recently spoke out about her series' finale episode, and how she wants to spend her free time now that her long-running show is over.

"I've got so much money I can do anything I want or nothing at all," Williams said in an interview with Page Six on Tuesday. "What I want to do is podcast, and I want to have a restaurant."

According to Williams, she is excited to do a podcast because she "can't wait to meet up with people, like Donald Trump!"

"If you're extremely famous like I am, it'll make more money than being on the 'Wendy Williams Show,'" she added, referring to her planned podcast.

Williams added that, apart from a podcast and possibly running a restaurant, she's also interested in getting intimate with a prospective romantic partner.

"I would love to fall in love. I want to f**k," Williams bluntly shared. "A lot of girls at 57 don't care about f**king. Excuse me? I'm gorgeous. Can I f**k?"

As for the divisive finale for The Wendy Williams Show, the host shared, "I sat in my apartment and I watched it," before expressing her distaste with a sound of consternation and disgust.

"In my opinion, they should have done it with [the cast and crew of] The Wendy Williams Show, not these other people," Williams said, referring to those who were involved with the finale, which did not include her.

In fact, she had no part at all in the finale and claims that the producers didn't reach out to her to even film something for the last episode.

"They didn't ask me to do that, so I didn't," Williams stated.

A source told ET late last month that the 57-year-old media personality "is OK with everything that has happened up until this point with the show."

The source also said Williams is "extremely happy and focused on new beginnings and being in the most amazing position in life."

As for why she feels she's in the most amazing position in life, the source tells ET that Williams "knows that, right now, she doesn't have to work another day in her life if she doesn't choose to."

Right now, Williams is "looking forward to starting new chapters in her life by diving into new business endeavors, investing, continuing on her health journey, her family and other big deals that come in daily," the source said, adding that the former talk show host "wants to fall in love and knows that’s exactly what she deserves after dedicating 37 years of her life to radio and television."