What the OG 'Laguna Beach' Cast Members Are Doing Now and Where Their Friendships Stand Today

'Laguna Beach'
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The glamorous Laguna Beach teens have come a long way. Sixteen years after the series debuted in 2004 -- introducing us to one of the greatest love triangles in reality television history between Lauren Conrad, Stephen Colletti and Kristin Cavallari -- fans still can't get enough of the show's stars reuniting. On Friday, Oct. 23, the season 1 cast -- consisting of Conrad, Colletti, Cavallari, Trey Phillips, Dieter Schmitz, Lo Bosworth, Talan Torriero, Morgan Smith, Christina Sinclair and Loren Polster -- reunited as part of their partnership with #GoodToVote and HeadCount to promote voter registration ahead of the election.

The stars took a walk down memory lane, sharing their favorite memories, and even playing "Never Have I Ever" and a game of trivia during the 30-minute reunion.

Let's take a look at what the show's original season 1 stars are doing today and who from Laguna Beach they still keep in touch with.

Lauren Conrad:

lauren conrad at The Little Market event
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After cameras showed her heartbreak when it came to pining for Colletti during her senior year of high school -- who was dating Cavallari, a junior, at the time -- and followed her with her own mega successful spinoff, The Hills, "LC" definitely got her happy ending. Following her tumultuous relationship with fellow Laguna Beach star Jason Wahler and also a flirtation with Brody Jenner -- which they both later admitted was played up for the show -- she married her husband, lawyer and former Something Corporate guitarist William Tell, in 2014. The couple has two children together -- 3-year-old Liam and 1-year-old Charles.

Conrad has also been successful when it comes to her multiple fashion businesses, including her clothing lines, LC Lauren Conrad and Paper Crown, and has even written multiple books. ET spoke with Conrad in February, and she said she would never do reality TV again.

"I'm not gonna do it, but I appreciate that [fans want it,]" she said. "To be honest, my priorities have changed. My family's number one and it takes a lot to be on reality television. It takes a lot emotionally."

"It's a lot of time commitment and I did it for a really long time and I'm so grateful for my time on television, but I'm at a place now where between my family and my career, I've got a pretty full plate so I'm not looking to add anything," she shared. "I gave a lot of my life for many years, so I really value my privacy. I like having a moment and knowing that I'm just sharing it with my family and not broadcasting it. So, it’s just really valuable to me."

In September, Conrad revisited her past on Laguna Beach and The Hills with her former co-star, Whitney Port, and revealed who she still keeps in touch with today.

"Most of the people I'm close with that I filmed with are from Laguna," Conrad told Port on her podcast, With Whit. "So, like Dieter [Schmitz], I talk to all the time."

Indeed, in 2016, she attended Schmitz's wedding, and Instagrammed a cute picture.

Lauren Conrad and Dieter Schmitz

Conrad added that pre-quarantine she'd see Colletti around the holidays and high school pal Christina Schuller.

"It's more seeing people that I grew up with, who I also did the show with," she explained.

Earlier this month, fans were overjoyed to see Conrad reunite with Colletti, Schmitz and fellow Laguna Beach star Trey Phillips in an Instagram video to tease a possible reunion of the show's cast for a good cause.

"We partnered with #GoodToVote!" she captioned the video. "If we can get 500 of you to register to vote -- or simply check your registration -- we will host the first-ever Laguna Beach cast Reunion! It takes minutes to register, and even less to check!"

Not surprisingly, the video met its goal and more, getting more than 9,000 people to register to vote, ensuring an upcoming reunion.

Kristin Cavallari:

Kristin Cavallari
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Another major breakout star from Laguna Beach, the charasmatic Cavallari has definitely still remained in the public eye. She also ended up on The Hills, and later had her own E! reality series, Very Cavallari, which followed her life with her now-estranged husband, Jay Cutler, and her career managing her line of clothing and jewelry, Uncommon James, in Nashville, Tennessee. Cavallari was careful to keep her three kids with Cutler -- 7-year-old Camden, 6-year-old Jaxson and 4-year-old Saylor -- out of the reality show.

Cavallari has spoken out about feeling "used" on Laguna Beach and her villainous role as opposed to Conrad. In a candid 2014 interview for Oprah Winfrey's show Oprah: Where Are They Now?, she called out MTV producers for manipulating her love life for the sake of TV drama.

"You know, Laguna Beach was tough because I felt very used and manipulated," she said bluntly. "Basically, my boyfriend at the time [Colletti] -- producers would have him go and take out Lauren Conrad -- take her to dinner, bring her flowers, which never would have happened if it wasn’t for the show, for MTV."

"Being 16, 17 in high school, not really knowing how to handle your emotions, or even realizing what's going on, you know, I put up a wall," Cavallari also said about her villain reputation on the show. "And I really put up a tough exterior because I felt like they were really trying to take advantage of me, and it was a really difficult time for me, so when I saw it on air, and saw how they represented me, I was really, really upset. I cried for hours and hours and hours after I saw the first episode."

But clearly, Cavallari has buried the hatchet when it comes to Conrad. When ET spoke with her in 2017, she commented on Conrad's pregnancy at the time with her first child.

"I haven't talked to her in years, but what an exciting time in her life!" she said. "I'm so happy for her, and it's cool to see the evolution of everybody from The Hills and Laguna Beach and to see how everyone is growing up. It's been really fun to watch!"

Most recently, Cavallari has been in the headlines for her divorce from Cutler after seven years of marriage. ET spoke with her last month in her first on-camera since the split, and she talked about a lot of the big changes happening in her life.

"I'm excited about the next chapter," she said. "I have hard days, without a doubt, and right now I'm really just focusing on my kids and making sure that my kids are good. That's my only priority at the moment, and they're handling it well. I'm just trying to stay positive and focus on all of the positive things. But I have sad days, without a doubt."

As for who Cavallari still keeps in touch with from Laguna Beach, fans couldn't get enough of her reuniting with her ex, Colletti, in August. Cavallari Instagrammed a photo of her sitting on Colletti's lap with her arms around him. A source told ET at the time that the mother of three was spending time with a lot of old friends back in California. In addition to her selfie with Colletti, she also shared a pic of her kids hanging out with the children of another Laguna Beach co-star, Alex Murrel.

In January, Cavallari revealed who from the Laguna Beach and The Hills casts she still talks to, which included Colletti.

"I talk to Audrina [Patridge] and Heidi [Pratt] all the time," she told People. "Brody [Jenner], I’ve kept in touch with. Stephen, from Laguna Beach, and both [Alex Hooser and Alex Murrel.]"

In March, prior to the pandemic, she also told ET that she was going to make a cameo in The Hills revival,The Hills: New Beginnings.

"Yeah, I'm going to make an appearance on The Hills," Cavallari said. "I don't know what I can and can't say. Clearly, I just say always so much, but people expect that from me."

"I'm excited! I'm actually very excited," she added. "I think it's going to be fun to go back and see the old gang and, yeah, I'm looking forward to it."

Cavallari also recently confirmed that she's taking place in the Laguna Beach reunion in support of voter registration.

Kristin Cavallari's Instagram

Stephen Colletti:

Stephen Colletti
Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

The Laguna Beach heartthrob tried his hand at acting following the success of the show, and had a memorable role as Chase Adams on The CW's One Tree Hill. He also played Taylor Swift's love interest in her music video for "White Horse."

During his appearance on the podcast Whine Down in March, Colletti said he was asked by MTV to take part in The Hills revival, but declined.

"MTV has asked me, but I think that first season of Laguna Beach was enough reality television for a couple of lifetimes," Colletti said. "I did the second season for a little bit."

"That was half my lifetime ago," he added of his time on the reality show, though noted that he still keeps in touch with both Conrad and Cavallari. "I'm 34 years old and I was 17. We matured a little bit from 17 years old."

In 2016, Colletti also attended Schmitz's wedding, having a mini Laguna Beach reunion with Conrad and Phillips. Both he and Phillips were groomsmen.

Lo Bosworth:

Lo Bosworth
Jim Spellman/Getty Images

Known as Conrad's best friend, Bosworth is now the founder and CEO of Love Wellness, which provides clean, body positive personal care products for women. ET spoke with her in August, when she got candid about her struggles after Laguna Beach began airing.

"It was challenging for me, certainly. I think other people really love the limelight and love to be on social media, love to put their lives out there," she said. "For me, I'm a much more private person and I really love having a normal job and going to work every day."

Bosworth said that attempting a "normal" life after doing reality TV has definitely been "a challenging journey."

"I think you have opportunities to continue to pursue a career in entertainment, if that suits you, or you can go back to a more private life, but have to deal with people knowing who you are," she explained. "For me, I wanted to prove myself and I wanted to prove that I'm a person that has more to offer than just drama on a television show. I'm smart, I have a perspective, I have a platform and I want to use it for positive change."

"I'm not sure if I would ever participate in something like that again," she added. "I have really created my own path that I'm just so happy to be on and I think I'm getting close to succeeding in building the life I always dreamt of for myself."

Meanwhile, Bosworth and Conrad remain friends. In 2014, she Instagrammed a selfie of the two together at their 10-year high school reunion, and Conrad also brought up Bosworth's name in her video teasing a Laguna Beach reunion in support of voting.

Trey Phillips:

Often portrayed as the artsy one out of their close group of friends, Phillips moved to New York City following high school graduation to attend college. He is now permanently based in NYC and works as an associate designer for Vera Wang.

Aside from his friendship with Schmitz, he is still close with Colletti.

Morgan Olsen:

Morgan Olsen
Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images

Morgan Olsen -- now Morgan Smith -- talked about her Mormon faith on the show, and ended up graduating from Brigham Young University and getting married to her husband, Joel Smith. The couple is now based in Charleston, South Carolina, and have three children together. She also founded her own swimwear line, Minnow Swim.

In 2016, she talked about her time on Laguna Beach during the show's 12-year reunion special that aired on E!

"The show was a really exciting phase of my life, but that's all," she said. "It never defined who I was. I was so young at the time -- 17 -- that I hadn't developed myself independently or professionally. I got my senior year on tape, which I think is pretty special to show my kids someday. Who knows? They will probably be embarrassed by it, ha!"

Laguna Beach fans will be happy to know that she is still close with her bestie on the show, Christina Schuller. She posted a photo with Schuller last December, when Schuller attended her baby shower, and Schuller also left a sweet Instagram comment congratulating her on giving birth to her son in January.

Christina Schuller:

Christina Schuller
Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images

Schuller is also now married, and has two kids with her husband, Chad Sinclair -- Christian and Cienna. She works as a fitness instructor in Laguna Beach, and founded Beach Babe Fitness.

In an interview with Time in 2014, she talked about how getting cast on Laguna Beach changed her life.

"I was going to go to SMU in Dallas. Then, right before I left, I felt that getting cast on Laguna was so reaffirming that I needed to really pursue acting, and I didn't end up going to SMU," she shared. "I'm so glad I didn’t, because I probably wouldn’t have met my husband, nor any of the other friends I met going to USC. There's always the possibility that maybe I would have gone to SMU, and who knows where I'd be today. But other than that, I think essentially, who I am as a person would not be different."

Talan Torriero:

Talan Torriero
Albert L. Ortega/WireImage

Often referred to as the male Cavallari and a ladies man, Torriero did date a few famous faces following his time on Laguna Beach, including Kimberly Stewart and Nicole Scherzinger. These days, Torriero is far removed from that life. He married his wife, Danielle, in 2014, and the two moved to Omaha, Nebraska. They have a two-year-old son named Bronson, and a baby girl on the way.

Jessica Smith:

Jessica Smith
Jemal Countess/WireImage

Smith was known for being good friends with Cavallari on Laguna Beach, and also dramatically coming between Conrad and Wahler. After making headlines for her DUI arrest in 2007, she dropped out of the spotlight and married her husband, Michael Evans, in 2009. The two now live in Texas with their four children.


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