'Whiskey Cavalier': Scott Foley and Lauren Cohan Share First Look at Sexy Spy Series (Exclusive)

ET exclusively debuts an early preview from ABC's upcoming series.

Scott Foley and Lauren Cohan are taking the spy game to a whole new level.

The Scandal and Walking Dead stars team up as an unlikely duo on Whiskey Cavalier, ABC's sexy new spy dramedy, playing FBI agent Will Chase (code name: Whiskey Cavalier), a hopeless romantic, and CIA operative Frankie Trowbridge (code name: Fiery Tribune), a mission-oriented spy. Both lead a secret, undercover inter-agency team tasked to save the world one rocky mission at a time, but their differing perspectives and approaches cause them to butt heads. 

A perfect blend of Mr. & Mrs. Smith meets James Bond with a dash of Get Smart humor, the upcoming series has all the ingredients of a fun, jam-packed hour filled with action, romance and twists (so many twists), and only ET has the exclusive early look.

"Will Chase is a hopeless romantic," Foley, who also serves as a producer, says in the video, which includes scenes of Will tearing up at a romantic proposal (moments before getting shot, naturally) and having all the feels while stumbling across a wedding mid-mission. "He's sort of praised in the FBI for his emotional intelligence and awareness." 

"It's like having James Bond... with feelings, with a heart," quips Josh Hopkins, who plays fellow agent Ray Prince.

On the other end of the spectrum, Frankie is the exact opposite from Will; as Cohan describes her, she is "the most mission-oriented person on the team." Cut to Frankie hilariously handcuffing Will to a restaurant bar while she fearlessly (and fiercely) shoots down two culprits, all while rocking a form-fitting evening dress and strappy heels.

"The Frankie-Will dynamic... We're basically Mr. and Mrs. Bond," she teases. "They're just designed to infuriate each other."

Much of the series is filmed abroad and on location (the first episode showcases Paris), with Foley and Cohan doing the majority of their own stunts. "I like to run and hold a gun and jump off bridges and we get to do all of that here," Foley says. "But it doesn't take itself too seriously. It's refreshing."

In addition to Foley, Cohan and Hopkins, the cast includes Tyler James Williams, Vir Das and Ana Ortiz. 

Whiskey Cavalier premieres Wednesday, Feb. 27 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC, with a special sneak preview airing after the Oscars on Sunday, Feb. 24.