'90 Day Fiancé' Recap: Brandan Proposes But Mary Says She's Being Forced to Say Yes

‘90 Day Fiancé’: Mary Reveals She’s Pregnant and Brandan Is Nervous About Their Future

Mary said she felt forced to say yes, and commented that Brandan has changed for the worse since they found out she's pregnant.

The shine of Brandan and Mary's obsessive romance is wearing off and harsh realities are setting in. On Monday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Brandan expressed anxiousness over Mary's pregnancy, while she noted that Brandan's personality changed for the worse. Brandan ended up awkwardly proposing to Mary, but her reaction was definitely not what he was expecting.

Brandan moved to the Philippines to be with Mary but their obsession with one another and intense jealousy caused issues. And despite her grandparents who raised her asking them not to have premarital sex, Mary admitted in a previous episode that she had "baby fever" and they purposely tried to get her pregnant. Mary did get pregnant and while the couple was excited about the news, they were also quickly running out of money as Brandan was no longer working after moving to the Philippines. On Monday's episode, Brandan admitted to having anxiety about how he was going to take care of their baby and what kind of father he was going to be. Brandan said his daily routine was playing video games on his phone after eating breakfast in order to clear his head. Not surprisingly, Mary didn't like that.

"Since I found out I was pregnant, I'm always like, doing all the chores and he'll wake up like 12 or 1 playing games all the time," she said. "I really wish he would help. Before he's like, nice and doing dishes but now he changed a lot, but not for the better."

Brandan and Mary ended up opening a small convenience store to make money, and she borrowed money from her friends to open it. But the profit is very little and Mary explained that they couldn't raise the prices too much since they had a lot of competition in their area. Mary said they only make about $18 a month, but they were in debt by $1,098.

"It's so hard because we really didn't make a profit out of it and then Brandan doesn't help at the store much," she said. "I really hate that."

But Brandan defended himself, noting that there was a language barrier which prevented him from working at the store without Mary. He also wasn't a citizen of the Philippines so he couldn't work legally. But despite the hard time in their relationship, he decided that it was the right moment to propose. He proceeded to awkwardly propose to her, without even getting down on one knee. Mary clearly didn't look happy and gave him a confused look of disgust. When Mary didn't give him an answer, he simply laughed nervously.

"Ummm ... this is very awkward," he commented. "I'm sorry, this probably wasn't the best time to bring this up. I didn't really put a lot of thought into this."

Brandan explained to cameras that he had been planning to propose to Mary since he arrived in the Philippines and wanted to do it now that she was pregnant so she could be reassured that "everything's going to be OK." But Mary told cameras the moment was "very awkward" and her mind was still on their debt and him not helping her with the chores.

"I don't know what to say, this is like, not the right time," she said.

Brandan got her a ring engraved with "I am enough" and the ring was far too big, though Mary was clearly not excited to receive it and noted that getting the ring resized would just cost them more money.

Brandan admitted, "I bought this ring when I was still in America because ... when me and Mary fight we sometimes use the words 'I'm not good enough' so I just felt like this would be the perfect ring to propose with, but I felt like I totally just botched it."

Mary bluntly told him she didn't expect a proposal since they were in a tough spot. She told him she would in fact marry him though, but in the least enthusiastic way possible.

"I'm gonna marry you -- when we're ready," she told him. "You know, marriage is not a joke. We're not kids anymore. Soon, we will have a family so we need to be, like, mature enough financially, emotionally and everything."

Mary later broke down in tears, and they definitely weren't the happy tears one might expect after a proposal.

"It really worries me, like, what if we can't solve these problems and we will be stuck like this and forever be stressed," she told cameras. "I don't want to marry while I'm stressed. Marriage is very important, like, I'm always watching a movie and like, girls having like a great marriage and he will just propose to me, like, I know that we're not ready yet because we're still struggling and I'm still really stressing so bad. I'm just saying yes because I need to and I don't want him to be hurt or anything so I just say yes."