Ariana Grande Covers Up Tattoo Honoring Pete Davidson's Late Father With a Mac Miller Tribute

The pop star used to have the badge number of her ex-fiance’s father inked on her ankle.

Well this is… awkward. 

Ariana Grande has said “Thank U, Next” to more of her Pete Davidson-inspired ink but her latest cover-up is about more than just a failed romance. 

In the behind-the-scenes video for her new record-breaking music video, Grande gushes over her foot ink, saying, "I love my tattoos! I just went down to do ‘Bend and Snap’ and was like, ‘Oh, what a foot!’” 

But she doesn’t stop there, pointing to the ink on her ankle, saying, “Look at my Myron, guys, look! How cool, right?”

The tattoo used to read, “8414,” which was the badge number of her ex-fiance Pete Davidson’s firefighter father, who died on Sept. 11, 2001. It has since been covered up to read, “Myron,” which is the name of the dog her late ex, Mac Miller, adopted in January 2017. 


Miller died in September from an overdose, and Grande has been seen with the adorable pitbull since then. It’s unknown whether Grande officially adopted her late ex's dog, but in August — prior to Miller’s death — Grande’s mother, Joan, listed Myron as one of Ariana’s pets. 

This isn’t the first Pete-inspired tattoo that Grande has covered up since her split from the Saturday Night Live star. After originally using a Band-Aid to mask her “Pete” finger tattoo, she replaced the body art with a large heart. She also covered a “Reborn” tattoo on her hand that she shared with Davidson with what appears to be a fern leaf. 

For more from Grande, watch the clip below: 


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