Ariana Madix Stars in Meaghan Good's Lifetime Movie 'Buying Back My Daughter': Watch the Trailer

The 'Vanderpump Rules' star plays Officer Karen in the upcoming TV film, 'Buying Back My Daughter.'

Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix is putting Scandoval behind her, but still bringing the drama in an upcoming Lifetime movie.

On Friday, the network released the first trailer for the upcoming TV movie, Buying Back My Daughter, in which Madix has a supporting role.

The "Ripped From the Headlines" film is executive produced by and starring Meagan Good, and follows a couple's teenage daughter who sneaks out of the house to attend a party, which soon escalates into a widespread search party spearheaded by Dana (Good) and the police. After almost a year of searching for her missing daughter, Alicia (Faith Wright), a mother's intuition leads Dana to the salacious world of online escort ads where, to her horror, she finds her daughter listed for sale. Dana and her husband, Curtis (Roger Cross), spring into action and attempt to "buy their daughter back" in order to rescue her from the trafficker who abducted Alicia and subjected her to unspeakable harm.

Madix plays Officer Karen, a police officer who helps investigate the case and has a personal connection to the story. First looks show the 37-year-old with her blonde hair pulled back in a polished ponytail as she rocks her cop uniform.

"Most runaways are found within 72 hours," Madix's character assures in the trailer, though Dana has a bad feeling, questioning, "And the ones that aren't?"

Watch the trailer and see first-look photos from the upcoming movie below:


Madix's casting was announced in late March, on the heels of the scandal that saw her now-ex, Tom Sandoval, and friend, Raquel Levissbecome involved in an affair.

In May, the reality star spoke to ET about putting the past behind her and looking ahead to the future.

"I am in a position right now where I just want to do everything and I really am enjoying myself, doing it as much as I can," Madix said at the time. "I want to claim independence, I want to claim success, I want to reclaim my time. I want to claim all the good vibes and positivity and I want to be involved and leave stuff in the past."

Madix is also looking forward to returning for the 11th season of Vanderpump Rules, and isn't letting the Scandoval drama hold her back from making the most of her time on the show.

"I'm excited to return. I mean, we've been sharing out lives on television for 10 seasons, nine for me, and I think that I'm very excited to keep doing that," she shared. "It brings me a lot of joy to connect with people via doing the show, and so I wanna keep doing that."

Buying Back My Daughter premieres Saturday, Oct. 7 at 8 p.m. PT/ET on Lifetime.