Becca Kufrin Calls Out Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s 'BS' Comment About Why He Appeared on 'Winter Games' (Exclusive)

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Becca Kufrin is pretty much an open book. 

The former Bachelorette sits down with ET's Lauren Zima for this week's episode of Roses and Rose's "Sip or Spill," but as we quickly found out, she likes to spill! Kufrin gets candid about everything from the biggest diva in Bachelor Nation to the person who gave her the worst first impression -- but first, she has a bone to pick about her ex, Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s, recent "BS" comments about why he appeared on Bachelor: Winter Games

On a recent episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Luyendyk told host Rachel Lindsay that he went on the Bachelor spinoff show -- which taped shortly after his Bachelor finale -- not just to judge a kissing contest alongside Lindsay and JoJo Fletcher. Instead, his "whole motivation" was to catch up with Lauren Burnham's producer and ask how his runner-up was doing. He was engaged to Kufrin at the time; his Bachelor finale, which aired in March, showed him breaking up with Kufrin and getting engaged to Burnham. 

"To me, it's such BS, because when we were together, I knew he felt bad about how things ended. He felt guilty, which I get, because it's a very weird situation. But I was always like, 'You can go call her and apologize and get that off your chest,'" Kufrin tells ET. "It was never something where I was like, 'You can't do that.' So, to me, it was weird in that regard."

"Also, there's a lot more that I didn't ever know about that went down," Kufrin adds. "Good riddance!"

Kufrin and Luyendyk's messy breakup aired in its unedited version on The Bachelor, and she was later announced as the Bachelorette. When asked if she would do anything differently during her time with the franchise, the 29-year-old doesn't sip. 

"[I would] not say yes to the first engagement... I think that's mainly the only thing," she shares. "Everything else I think had to play out as it did." 

Kufrin hasn't spoken to Luyendyk since -- or his now-wife, Burnham. "I think it'd be fine for me [to see her]," she says. "At this point, they're happy, I'm very happy with [my fiance] Garrett [Yrigoyen] that I don't think there's any -- hopefully there's no bad blood there, but I don't know."

"We're going to run into each other at some point," she confesses. "I know it's bound to happen."

Kufrin does take the opportunity to sip when it comes to answering which man had the worst breath on her season, but dishing other details about her exes is no problem. She says things aren't "weird" between her and Jason Tartick, who made her final three, now that he's dating fellow Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe. Kufrin does, however, still remember the less-than-stellar first impression Kamil Nicalek made on night one of The Bachelorette. 

"This one's very easy. His name is Kamil, he went home night one, but he's the one [who] walked out of the limo, and he's like, 'Let's meet 50/50.' I'm like, 'Great, that's what I want in a partner.' And he's like, 'How do you feel about 60/40?' and stepped away from me. I was like, 'You should be coming closer to me.' It was a very weird entrance for wanting to impress a girl. He was probably the worst," she recalls. 

As for her other ex, Blake Horstmann, Kufrin isn't too concerned about him returning to Stagecoach following all that drama playing out on Bachelor in Paradise. 

"You could not pay me enough to go to Stagecoach... But he is still single, and I think it's a good way for him to meet someone to potentially have a great night with," she says. 

"Here's my thing -- I think it was all blown out of proportion. He was single, the girls were single. Like, they can do what they want. I think the thing that bit him in the butt -- he made his bed and he had to sleep in it, in the same location as, like, multiple women. So, I probably would have approached it a little differently, but hey, if you want to do you and have fun at Stagecoach, do it. In this day and age, it shouldn't be that big of a deal," she continues -- but notes Horstmann should "take a break from TV for a little bit."

According to Kufrin, the title of biggest diva in Bachelor Nation belongs to Demi Burnett. "She's sassy. Lately, she's been wearing that cute little pink fur coat. She's a diva in a good way," Kufrin insists. 

And as for the most annoying thing about her Bachelor: Live on Stage co-host, Ben Higgins? That would be that he's too good at his job. 

"Ben is awesome at what he does," says Kufrin, who will host the new show with Higgins from February to May. "When we started the first rehearsal, I was stunned at how quickly he picked everything up, because it was quick."

See more on Kufrin in the video below, and find out more about The Bachelor: Live on Stagehere. The Bachelor returns Monday, Jan. 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. 


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