'Deadpool' Actor T.J. Miller Claims Ryan Reynolds Hates Him: 'Would Not Work with Him Again'

T.J. Miller and Ryan Reynolds
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Miller opened up about his seemingly strained relationship with Reynolds during a recent appearance on 'The Adam Carolla Show.'

Sorry to break it to you Deadpool fans, but the return of T.J. Miller in the third installment of the superhero saga is not likely. In a new interview on The Adam Carolla Show, the actor and comedian said he thinks his Deadpool co-star, Ryan Reynolds, hates him. 

"As the character, he was, like, horrifically mean to me. But to me. As if I'm Weasel," Miller, who played blunt bartender Weasel in the franchise's first two films said. "He was like, 'You know what's great about you, Weasel? You're not the star, but you do just enough exposition that it's funny, and then we can leave and get back to the real movie.'"

Miller, who has been caught up in multiple controversies over the years -- including allegations of sexual assault and bullying to allegedly calling in a false bomb threat on a train -- said Reynolds allegedly requested another take to belittle Miller in front of the cast and crew -- a jab that took him by surprise.

"I just kind of listened and thought it was weird, and then I got off stage because they were like, 'Cut…?,'" he said, adding that the crew also appeared uncomfortable after the scene.

Miller also alluded to the rift going deeper than just their onscreen dynamic, telling Corolla, "That's exactly why he said that," Miller continued, with a tone of sarcasm. "Because I'm not funnier than he is at all, right? And I haven't been in more movies than him."

That moment was a defining one for Miller, who said he wouldn't work with Reynolds again in the future.

"Would I work with him again? No. I would not work with him again," he said, adding, "I sorta wish him well because he's so good at Deadpool, and I think it's weird that he hates me."

Complimenting Reynolds' performance as Merc with a Mouth, Miller couldn't help but praise the actor and his comedic chops, even though he thinks he's an "insecure dude" in real life.

"He's such a good comedian that, when you cover his face, he's so quick, he's so funny," Miller went on to say. "I love him as a comedian, but I think after he got super, super famous from the first Deadpool, then things kinda changed. I think he was like, 'See? You guys see?'"

Despite his comments, Miller said his feelings about working with Reynolds could change.

"I've said that about Michael Bay, and now we're friends, and I would work with him again," Miller said before noting that Bay similarly has a "very specific opinion" of Reynolds after they worked together on the 2019 film 6 Underground.

But even if his stance does change, Miller said he's pretty adamant about not returning to the Deadpool franchise. 

"I don't really think you should do something for more than five years," he insisted. "I think it's weird to just go back and play Weasel 10 years later."

Still, Miller said he doesn't wish Reynolds any ill will, despite the "weird" rift between the pair.

"I don't wish them any ill will. I think [Reynolds] should make a Deadpool 3 and continue to make movies," Miller maintained. "I just think he doesn't like me, and I thought it was weird how he expressed that."

While Deadpool 3 is currently in production and slated for a Sept. 2024 release, Reynolds has said little about the upcoming film outside of a major announcement last month, in which he revealed that Hugh Jackman will be joining the cast and reprising the role of his X-Men character, Wolverine. 

ET has reached out to Reynolds' reps for comment.