Eminem Reveals Beyoncé Collaboration 'Has Been on My Wish List for a Long Time'

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L: Kevin Mazur/WireImage, R: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for TIDAL)

The 'Walk on Water' rapper raves about Queen Bey during a new radio interview on Sirius XM's 'Shade 45'.

Eminem, like the rest of us, is in awe of the perfection that is Beyoncé.

The "Walk on Water" rapper opened up about collaborating with the Lemonade singer on the new song, off of his upcoming comeback album, Revival, admitting that it's something he's had his sights set on for a while.

"First of all, Beyoncé is amazing. And, it’s been on my wish list for a long time, but I never really had a song that I felt like would be right to present to her," the 45-year-old rapper told radio hosts DJ Whoo Kid and Lord Sear on their SiriusXM radio show, Shade 45. "So, I was kinda waitin’, and then me and Paul kicked the idea around after I finished it, you know. And based off what it was about, I felt like she probably could relate to this, too."

"Beyoncé’s always…everything she does is so perfect," he added. "But, the pressures behind that to…for her to do it so perfect, you know, I felt like she could probably relate to that. ‘Cuz I told her, I said, ‘I never seen you make a mistake before, ever.' Like, performance wise, everything. Every song she puts out, every album, it’s so calculated and precise. And everything’s always so perfect."

No argument there! Here's hoping we get to witness some of that perfection on Saturday, when Eminem is set to appear as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, with Chance the Rapper taking over hosting duties... Meaning we could potentially get to see Em, Queen Bey and Lil Chano from 79th onstage together for the ultimate trio set!

Watch the video below to dive into Eminem's powerful new song about fame and the fear of losing what you once had.