How Ben Affleck Plans to Adjust to a Sober Lifestyle & Where He Stands With the Women in His Life (Exclusive)

Ben Affleck
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Ben Affleck feels ready to get back to work after undergoing more than a month of rehab, a source tells ET.

Ben Affleck feels ready to get back to work after undergoing more than a month of rehab, a source tells ET.

The 46-year-old actor was spotted at Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles on Wednesday, which our source says was a business meeting. According to the source, Affleck is still very much focused on his sobriety, and is also determined to make his own decisions when it comes to it.

"Ben is sober at the moment and has made plans to leave the facility soon," the source says.  "He has been pushing to go back to work and has expressed he believes he is ready and strong enough to live at home."

"Ben is eager to get back to work and he seems to be taking his sobriety more seriously than ever," the source adds. "Ben has made it very clear that he will listen to everyone's advice and then make his own decision."

As for Affleck's estranged wife, Jennifer Garner -- who drove him to rehab on Aug. 22 -- the source says she's "trying to support him the best she can, but she knows she can only do so much."

"Jen doesn’t want to push him at all," the source continues. "She wants him to do what it takes once and for all to get clean and sober for life."

The source says a major source of contention between Affleck and his loved ones is his relationship with 22-year-old Playboy model Shauna Sexton. Sexton has been spotted visiting the actor in rehab as well as at his Pacific Palisades home, where he's allowed to work out while still in rehab accompanied by both his sober coach and therapist. 

"A big concern by Ben's friends is his decision to keep seeing Shauna," the source says. "They're still very much together and Ben talks to her every day, and sees her most days ... Jen is treading very lightly and trying to express her concerns."

"It's very hard for anyone who is close to Ben to trust Shauna because they don't know her and she seemed to come out of nowhere," the source also explains. "The one thing everyone knows is Shauna is not sober, she is incredibly young, and she came into Ben's life at his lowest point. They wish that Ben would hold off on a relationship for now."

As for Affleck's ex-girlfriend, 38-year-old Saturday Night Live producer Lindsay Shookus, the source says she's no longer in touch with him following their split last month after a year of dating. Shortly after their breakup, Affleck was spotted with Sexton out and about in Los Angeles on multiple occasions.

"Despite Lindsay being a great partner for Ben, she is out of the picture," the source says. "She has a child and career and in no way could have been expected to be there 24/7."

For more on the "life-and-death" circumstances that led to Affleck's third stint in rehab, watch the video below:

-- Reporting by Adriane Schwartz