Jason Kelce Reveals Why Wife Kylie Teased Him About His Wrestlemania Appearance

The Philadelphia Eagles star also opens up about connecting with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson at the event.

Jason Kelce's time in the gym is paying off -- even though he took some heat from his wife in the process. The Philadelphia Eagles alum addressed his recent surprise appearance at Wrestlemania on Wednesday's episode of New Heights, admitting that wife Kylie Kelce couldn't resist teasing him while he prepped. 

Speaking with his brother and podcast co-host, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, Jason couldn't help but marvel at his physique in the ring. 

"I'm not gonna lie, my biceps are looking good," Jason happily gushed over an image of himself at the event. "Look at that picture." 

Travis agreed and asked what kind of weights Jason has been lifting these days. 

"We were using a lot of bands," Jason shared. "And Kylie kept making fun of me because I was really obsessed with how my biceps looked." 

"I'm proud of you," Travis replied. "They look great, man. They look like my thighs." 

Jason explained that since he was planning to "go in there with a cutoff" he needed to "get those things poppin'." 

Jason Kelce attends Wrestlemania 40 - Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images
Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson attend Wrestlemania 40. - WWE/Getty Images

The moment of body positivity comes amid a transformative time for the former NFL center, who has said that he hopes to lose weight since announcing his retirement from the Eagles last month. 

"I'm in the process right now, I'm retired. I played my whole career 295. I'm trying to get down to 250, 260," Jason said on a previous episode of the podcast. "My goal is two pounds every week, lose it. I want to lose it, but maintain my muscle mass. I'm trying to monitor my protein, my carbs, my fats, make sure that I'm hitting at least one pound per body weight." 

Jason was back on his luchador business on April 6 when he made a surprise appearance with teammate Lane Johnson at WWE Wrestlemania 40. It was a star-studded affair in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with Snoop DoggJohn Cena, and even Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson all showing up. 

After the event, Jason took to Instagram to share a collection of pics and videos including one with Johnson. "WHAT A NIGHT," the caption reads.

On Wednesday, Travis asked Jason about his time with The Rock. 

"I've met him before, actually," Jason revealed. "He came to the Eagles facilities training before one of the WWE events earlier in my career. He probably doesn't remember that, but I remember it because I think everybody remembers when you meet The Rock for the first time."

He continued, "But it was awesome to see him again, obviously under different pretenses this time. I'm just happy he's back involved in WWE in a more meaningful way. He's been such an explosive personality for the wrestling world and obviously he's gone on to, I don't want to say bigger and better things, but I mean, to become the superstar that he is outside of the wrestling world -- I think selfishly everybody in the wrestling world is happy to see The Rock back." 

For his part, Travis was deep in his nostalgic feels after seeing his brother in the ring. 

"God damn, that just took me back to all those f**king sleepovers when we were 10 years old," he marveled. "I can say that it was fun as hell watching you up there, knowing that we used to f**k around as WWF/WWE f**king jabronis as kids. It was cool to see you up there having some fun."

Jason and Travis Kelce - Gabriella Ricciardi/MLB Photos via Getty Images

At one point during the show, Jason ripped his shirt off in what is becoming something of a habit for the 36-year-old. On New Heights, he explained why he's trying to not make it his thing in the long run.

"I was trying to keep my shirt on because I'm really developing this, I feel like I'm stealing Bert Kreischer's bit," he said, referencing the comedian and 2 Bears, 1 Cave co-host. "I don't want to steal your bit, Bert, but I feel like this was an acceptable time to have that shirt off." 

Travis joked, "You're just a big bear. That s**t's hilarious."

Jason Kelce attends Wrestlemania 40 - Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Elsewhere on Wednesday's New Heights, Jason revealed how he "legitimately lost" his Super Bowl ring and Travis addressed his headline-making appearance at Coachella with girlfriend Taylor Swift over the weekend.

The episode comes after Travis spoke exclusively with ET about the upcoming return of his iconic Kelce Jam music festival next month. 

"This is gonna be a whole bunch of fun. You know I'm down to bring down the electricity," he said of the event, which will include performances from Lil Wayne, Diplo and 2 Chainz.

"It's gonna be an absolute blast this year," he said. "... We're keeping it fun, we're keeping it lighthearted. We got some new things in terms of entertainment, might have a drone show or something like that. It's gonna be extremely exciting."

As for whether Jason will be "out of the house" for the festivities, Travis said, "I'm tugging on his arm to try and get him out to KC for it... I know a familiar face will always get somebody excited, so hopefully we can get my brother and everyone there."