Jennifer Aniston Jokes She’s 'Trying to Build Content,' Cuddles Up to Dave Matthews on Instagram

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Jennifer Aniston has already received lots of Instagram fame regardless of whether or not she wanted it!

The 50-year-old actress stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Liveon Wednesday and opened up about joining social media, despite being "the most reluctant person to ever join Instagram."

"A lot of people," she said of who encouraged her to get on Instagram. "What you resists, persists, so what the hey. Just do it."

Before signing up for the platform, Aniston made a self-described "stalker account" in order to "understand the world and dip my toe into the sort of social media pool."

After breaking Instagram with her Friends reunion post -- both literally and in the record books -- Aniston said she hasn't "thought about" what her second post will be.

"I have to do more now I guess. This is now a big thing. It's the law," she joked. "... I'm just trying to build content, as they say... I'm banking content, baby!"


Some of that content came with the help of her fellow JKL guest, Dave Matthews, who she posed with backstage at the late night show. The longtime friends, who sported matching all-black looks, adorably cuddled up as Aniston declared, "Love this man!" on her Instagram Story.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Anison

During his own interview, Matthews revealed that he and Aniston are old friends and have even traveled together.

"We've gone away, for instance when we summer on the island, and Jennifer has been there with us," Matthews, 52, said of vacationing with the Morning Show star. "... It's like I'm a bag of potatoes and what's Jennifer Aniston doing standing next to that bag of potatoes?"

"Everybody, everywhere knows her... Every person alive," he continued. "People are born already knowing Jennifer Aniston." 

Just days before officially joining Instagram, Aniston played coy about signing up for social media toET's Brooke Anderson.

 "It's something that is a part of our world now and it's not going away," she said. "You can actually have a little bit more control over the narrative that's out there. [You can] right some wrongs and some silly things that, God knows, are said often."

Watch the video below for more on Aniston.


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