Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Are Taking 'Space From Each Other': 'They've Been Having Issues,' Source Says

Amid split speculation, a source tells ET that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are 'trying to figure things out on their own.'

There's trouble in paradise for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Amid rumors of a split between Lopez, 54, and her 51-year-old husband, Affleck, a source confirms to ET that the couple is taking time apart from one another and has been having issues for a while.

The source says, "Jen and Ben are continuing to take space from each other. They've been having issues for a few months and trying to figure things out on their own." 

Lopez may especially be having a hard time.

"Jen has been having a hard time dealing with the general stress of life as well as in her career," the source continues. "She has been experiencing ups and downs while processing everything. She has been throwing herself into work, which has always been an outlet for her to stay busy and distracted."

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez - MICHAEL TRAN/AFP via Getty Images

Earlier this month, another source told ET that a marriage stressor for Affleck is feeling like the "Let's Get Loud" singer is difficult to satisfy.

"Ben feels like Jen has a hard time feeling satisfied and that's one of the issues they're facing," the source said. "Ben is one of the only people who feels comfortable enough to be honest and real with Jen. It's part of why Jen loves him, but also why she's upset with him."

The source added, "She tries to play it off like she doesn't care what the public thinks about her, but she loves her fans so much, so their feedback does impact her. Ben and Jen are going through normal problems and nothing scandalous is going on."

Just last week, Lopez chose to stay quiet when she was confronted about the state of her marriage during a panel discussion press conference in Mexico City for her new Netflix movie, Atlas.

According to video from the event, when one journalist asked if the rumors that Lopez and Affleck had split were true, the actress' co-star, Simu Liu, was quick to jump in, saying, "OK, we're not doing that."

"You know better than that," responded Lopez, who was wearing the wedding ring she got when she and Affleck tied the knot in July 2022, after an on-again, off-again romance. Affleck had recently been photographed without his wedding ring.

Added Liu, "Don't come in here with that energy, please."

Affleck was notably absent from the red carpet, with a source telling ET that both stars "are taking a second to figure out what each of them is going through and wants."

The source added, "Jen and Ben's relationship is not over yet, but they have been staying in separate homes and the tension has been high."