JoJo Fletcher Reacts to Tyler Cameron's Gigi Hadid Date: Why She Feels 'Crappy' for Hannah Brown (Exclusive)

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The former Bachelorette notes that Hadid could be Cameron's 'soulmate.'

JoJo Fletcher's "mind is blown" by Tyler Cameron's recent dates with Gigi Hadid. 

ET spoke with the former Bachelorette and her fiance, Jordan Rodgers, at NBC's Television Critics Association summer press tour on Thursday, where she reacted to Hannah Brown's runner-up's dates with the supermodel

"Didn't he go sleep over with Hannah too?" Rodgers asked, referencing Cameron's night with Brown in Los Angeles just two days before he was spotted with Hadid in New York City. 

"He's single and ready to mingle!" Fletcher exclaimed. 

Fletcher got a happy ending to her 2016 season of The Bachelorette, as she and her final pick, Rodgers, are still engaged and planning a wedding. They're also back on TV with their own CNBC show, Cash Pad. Brown's season finale of The Bachelorette, meanwhile, saw her failed engagement to her final pick, Jed Wyatt. She embraced being single, but asked out Cameron for a drink. 

"If I was Hannah, would I feel great? No. I would feel really crappy. And that fact that it is Gigi Hadid..." 

"Good for him, though!" Rodgers interjected. "Let's remember they're all single!" 

Fletcher agreed. "I feel like he should just do what he wants, what makes him happy. She should do what she wants. They're both single," she reasoned. 

Brown told ET on Monday morning that she and Cameron weren't exclusively dating, but that she still has feelings for him. By Wednesday, however, she was posting on social media about "letting go." Bachelor franchise host Chris Harrison, meanwhile, told ET that Cameron's outings with Hadid seem to affect his possible chance to be the Bachelor. 

"I feel like, on one hand, maybe [he shouldn't be the Bachelor], because your Bachelor should be ready for love, not going on a date with Gigi," Rodgers said. "But then again, it's like, 'Oh! He went on a date with Gigi!'"

"Oh, he's a wanted man!" Fletcher expressed. "I don't know if it ruins his chance. I think he's obviously single and he wants to find and meet girls. Listen, Gigi may be his soulmate. Could you imagine what that would be? It's crazy! So crazy!"

The couple are instead hoping to see either Mike Johnson or Peter Weber as the next Bachelor. 

"I think it's time to have a black Bachelor. I think Mike's amazing. I think he is so handsome and I would love to see that happen. But I also think Peter is very charming and sweet, and I think we fell in love with him, as far as he went, so I would be happy with either one, but my vote has been Mike for a while," Fletcher revealed. 

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For now, Fletcher and Rodgers are focused on Cash Pad, which sees them team up with homeowners to renovate their properties into short-term rentals. 

"I've been doing this for the last 10 years. When we got together, he started helping me with my renovations," the 28-year-old real estate developer explained. 

"She dragged me into it," Rodgers joked. "I didn't see that in the fine print!"

"But this whole idea of the short term rental, it's been booming for the last couple years, and when we got together, we really started to notice the interest in it," Fletcher continued. "Jordan has a great business background, so I feel like with his business background and my ideas on the renovations, we can put it together and make this baby business together." 

"Making a baby!" Rodgers cracked. 

"Baby business!" Fletcher clarified. 

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