Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Respond to 'Outrage' Over Airport Story

The couple previously said they were stranded in Boston after vacationing with their two young children.

Kristen Bell isn't bothered by a few "outrage" addicts. The actress joined husband Dax Shepard on his Armchair Expert podcast this week to address the online fallout from a story they previously shared about being stranded at an airport. 

Last month, the couple humorously documented their late-night adventure at the Boston Logan airport after their scheduled flight was delayed. Bell, 43, and Shepard, 48, had been vacationing with their kids and another family in Martha's Vineyard and were on their way home to Los Angeles when they became stranded with no nearby hotels available for the night as they waited for their flight to be rescheduled.

The parents -- who share daughters Lincoln, 10, and Delta, 8 -- said on the Aug. 14 episode of Armchair Expert that they treated the experience like "camping," calling it "fun." 

"The thing I got worried about when it got on the news is like, I would hate for people to think that we were upset or complaining about the experience," Shepard shared. "I just thought it was novel and funny." 

He did admit to becoming angry at one point when the family was informed that TSA would be asking passengers to leave the airport around 1 a.m. "I thought that was insane, yes," he said, saying that at that point, they had been invited to a mutual friend's home and decided to go sleep there. 

The lengthy tale -- which also included anecdotes about the kindness of airline employees -- had initially prompted backlash from some online commenters who accused the stars of lying. 

"I was really confused when I saw these really angry comments on my post," Shepard said. "I can't figure out what makes someone mad about that story."

Bell chimed in, "You're treating everyone like they have the emotional capacity you have. A lot of people just get on the internet and google angry, mad stuff. So it was just anything. It was like, 'You're not being kicked out!' 'Of course there were hotels.' 'I can't believe you spent $600 on pillows.'" 

Shepard added,  "My favorite one was, 'No hotel up to your standards.' I was just like, 'Yet we're sleeping on the floor.'"

Bell urged her husband not to take the vitriol personally. 

"You have to stop trying to prove things to people because it happens everywhere," the Good Place star said. "It doesn't just happen to us. It happens to every single person no matter how known you are on social media. Someone makes a comment and you just have to ignore them because they are not on your level. People suffer from outrage addiction."

Shepard explained that he's more interested in the underlying issues behind those comments. 

"I'm not trying to change anyone, but I am always going to try to figure out what's actually going on underneath all that," he said. "That is always going to interest me and I'm always going to want to figure out someone's motive for that." 

Bell's appearance on Armchair Expert marked the show's return to all podcast platforms after streaming exclusively on Spotify in recent years. 

Shepard celebrated the occasion with a sweet Instagram post, planting a kiss on his wife's head in the photo. 

"She’s back!!! Kristen was our very first guest on @armchairexppod , so it feels very fitting that she’s our first guest back WIDE! That’s right- We are on ALL platforms starting today, but I encourage everyone to listen for FREE on @spotify 💙💙💙 Enjoy this rainbow colored unicorn while she prances free through your ears," he captioned the photo carousel. 

The actors are set to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary in October. Last year, the Frozen star dished to ET about the secret to their lasting love. 

"Stay vulnerable," Bell shared. "At least my secret. You've gotta be vulnerable -- we have to be vulnerable when we don't want to be. That's what works for us."