Lady Gaga's Ex-Fiance Likes Irina Shayk's Sexy Instagram Pic After Model's Bradley Cooper Split

The 33-year-old model and Bradley Cooper recently ended their four-year-long relationship.

Christian Carino's latest Instagram like is turning heads.

Following Irina Shayk's recent split from Bradley Cooper, the 33-year-old model jetted off to Iceland for a solo adventure. While there, she shared a sexy snap of herself in a swimsuit.

It turns out that Carino, who is Lady Gaga's ex, liked that particular photo, which caused some shock among fans. 


Gaga and Cooper co-starred in A Star Is Born last year and sparked romance speculation thanks to their noticeable chemistry, which was on display during their performance of "Shallow" at the Oscars in February. At the time, Carino and Gaga had just split, but Cooper and Shayk had yet to call it quits.

Gaga has previously denied any romance with Cooper, rolling her eyes back in February when Jimmy Kimmel pointed out their chemistry during the Oscar performance.

"First of all, social media, quite frankly, is the toilet of the internet and what it's done to pop culture is abysmal," Gaga told the late-night host. "People saw love and, guess what, that's what we wanted you to see. This is a love song. The movie, A Star Is Born, it's a love story."

"From a performance perspective, it was so important to both of us that we were connected the entire time. When you're singing love songs, that's how you want people to feel," Gaga continued. "I'm an artist! I guess we did a good job. Fooled ya!"

Just ahead of the end of Cooper and Shayk's four-year-long relationship, a source told ET that they were struggling before, during and after Cooper and Gaga made A Star Is Born, but that his relationship with the "Poker Face" singer was not to blame for his split with Shayk.

"Things were difficult before Bradley started filming A Star Is Born, but his dedication to his work while making the movie only made things harder at home," the source said. "The constant speculation about Bradley's relationship with Gaga -- while things were difficult at home -- didn't help the situation. But his relationship with Gaga is not the issue. They have many daily issues as parents and as professionals and have been fighting."

"Their troubles have been going on for quite some time and they even considered splitting during the release of the movie," the source continued. "They talked things through a great deal and seemed to hold off and keep up appearances for the time being. It was recommended they delay a split at what seemed to be the peak of his career because the negative attention would take away from the excitement of the release."

When news of Cooper and Shayk's split went public later that week, a source told ET that it was "no surprise." 

"They haven't been getting along for quite some time and seemed to be holding on to their relationship for the sake of their daughter," the source said of the couple's 2-year-old daughter, Lea. "Those closest to them had high hopes that when Bradley completed promoting A Star is Born, they would find time to work out their differences, but things only got worse. Some of their friends feel they never truly got a chance to know each other outside of being a family, and it was just all too much too fast."

Watch the video below for more on the breakup.