'Love Is Blind' Season 5 Reunion: Uche's Texts, Cheating Scandals and More Bombshells

The season 5 reunion special aired Sunday night on Netflix and featured some shocking revelations.

Spoiler alert! If you haven't watched season 5 of Love Is Blind and the reunion special, proceed with caution. 

After a season of highs, lows, splits, and an intense obsession with the American flag, Love Is Blind fans eagerly tuned in on Sunday night to see the season 5 reunion special.

Though the special wasn't filmed live — which after last season's chaos is for the best — there was still plenty of drama and shocking confessions that came out during the segment, which aired for a little over an hour. 

Lovesick pair Lydia Velez Gonzalez and James Milton Johnson IV (aka Milton) were the only couple to say their "I dos" at the altar, and the pair is still going strong more than a year later. 

There were some friendly exes like Stacy Snyder and Izzy Zapata, and some tense reunions. 

Here were the biggest bombshells from the reunion:

Chris Cheated on Johnie

During the reunion, Johnie Maraist shared that after that on-screen cast barbecue, her boyfriend, Chris Fox, went out of town for a wedding, only for her to discover the following weekend that he was seeing someone else. 

"I never saw him again," she shared. 

"That is how it went down," Chris admitted. "And I didn't handle the situation as someone would properly. But I did find someone who I now live with and I love and we're very happy together. I'm sorry if that hurts to hear. The whole experiment is to find yourself and to find someone who will accept you for who you are and that's what I found, so I wouldn't change that for anything."


Chris said that the entire situation with Johnie and Izzy and the show was "a lot of stress" for him and that he struggles with telling people he loves things they don't want to hear. 

"I think he didn't want to hurt me so he thought he was — I don't know — gonna ease his way out," Johnie said of her ex.  

"Would you cheat on those you love?" co-host Vanessa Lachey pointedly asked Chris. 

"Apparently yes. It's terrible. I know I was wrong. I felt guilty and heartbroken and as many emotions as I could," he replied. "Because I did fall in love with you and I still care for you. It's a terrible, terrible thing to do and probably one of my biggest regrets is not being forthcoming with you. I've apologized before and I continuously apologize."

Johnie said she found out about the cheating after a friend saw Chris with another girl and told her about it.  


Johnie and Izzy Kissed After the Show

Following Johnie's split from Chris and Izzy's split from Stacy, the two ran into each other at a bar in Houston, Texas, where Izzy said they "tried to see if there was anything there, tried to give it a shot. But I think I obviously was in no position to be dating, wasn't over Stacy. It was too soon for [Johnie] for how I had treated her then."

When asked by co-hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey to clarify what that meant, Izzy reluctantly admitted, "We kissed, but we never hooked up."


Uche Texted Milton on His Wedding Day

Though Uche Okoroha didn't attend the reunion, he was certainly a topic of conversation. His dating history with Lydia was discussed at length with her now-husband revealing that the contestant texted him on his wedding day to Lydia. 

"He occasionally still texts. He'll reach out. No response. I won't respond to him. No purpose, no point," Milton shared. "The day I got married… he said, 'Hey, man, heard you got married. Wanna talk about it?'"

Milton said he never replied.  


Uche Sent Lydia and Aaliyah the Same Text

Not only did Uche reach out to Milton, but he also still tries to keep in touch with both of his exes, Lydia and Aaliyah Cosby. 

"He did text me the day the show aired. He texted me and said, 'Hey, I'm gonna watch the show later tonight. If there's anything you want to discuss that you hear, I'm available,'" Lydia revealed, with Aaliyah sharing that he sent her the exact same text.  


Izzy and Stacy Went on an Awkward Double Date Post-Show

The previously engaged couple said during the reunion that they spent the week after their wedding apart, giving each other time to sort things out before going on a disastrous date. Izzy said he could sense that something was off with Stacy and that when he asked her if she was still "feeling this" she said no. 

"I was so mad at her after that because I thought we were really going to try," Izzy shared. "I was so upset, I just walked out and I just didn't talk to her for a year."

As for Stacy, she said that she felt like they were in different places. 

"I felt like we needed to start over and I feel like you were like, 'If we're starting over, going backwards, I don't want to do it,'" Stacy said to her ex, who seemingly agreed. 


The two spent a year not communicating before they had a chance run-in at a bar in Houston, Texas. After that, they reconnected, with Izzy revealing that they did kiss. 

"We did share a kiss, but we both knew it was best not to hurt each other again or confuse each other again," Izzy shared. "We appreciated more just having each other back in each other's lives and our friends. We're bros."

Later, the two found themselves each on separate dates with new people at a cooking class. 

"We're stuck in a two-hour cooking class together and they have us in a foursome," Stacy shared, noting that the class had unknowingly paired the exes and their new partners up in a group. "There was not enough wine in the world. And then the chef was like, 'Do you want a group photo?' And we're like, 'No!'" 


JP Dug His Hole Deeper With Taylor

After receiving criticism for his comments about his ex-fiancée's appearance, Jared "JP" Pierce seemed to only make things worse when asked about his ex's appearance at the reunion. 

He admitted that their first look moment was "shocking and off-putting," saying he felt Taylor's makeup was "kind of fake." 

Love Is Blind season 5 is currently streaming on Netflix.