Nicholas Sparks Explains Why 'The Best of Me' is the New 'Notebook'


The man behind the greatest love stories has a formula for success!

Two young lovebirds, Dawson and Amanda, fall hopelessly in love and become high school sweethearts, but then – life circumstances tear them apart for two decades until their relationship is unexpectedly rekindled.

Sound kind of familiar?

Nicholas Sparks has found himself quite a formula for his $492 million dollar success: Love + Loss + Hope + Tragedy + Rain Kiss = One great love story.

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Dear John, Safe Haven, and of course, The Notebook all have these elements.

The newest film casts James Marsden as the lead just ten years after he first melted our hearts as Lon in The Notebook…And yes, there’s even another epic rain kiss to look forward to!

We just had to ask Nicholas Sparks, the man himself -- is this basically another Notebook?

"It is a two part story kind of like The Notebook, but entirely different at exactly the same time."

The Best of Me is in theaters October 17th

Check out the video above to see what stars James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan had to say about the film!