Natti Natasha Announces Docuseries Giving Fans an Inside Look at Her Pregnancy and More -- Watch the Trailer

Natti Natasha Everybody Loves Natti
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It's Natti like you've never seen her before. 'Everybody Loves Natti' premieres Nov. 19 on Prime Video.

Welcome to Natti Natasha's life.

For the first time ever, the Dominican singer is giving fans a look inside her personal and private world in Everybody Loves Natti. The first trailer and first-look images for the upcoming Amazon Prime docuseries dropped on Wednesday, giving fans a never-before-seen look at the "Noches en Miami" singer's life.

"My personal life, I've kept to myself. Until now," Natti kicks off the trailer. "Aquí vamos!"

The teaser shows Natti working alongside fellow Latina Becky G on their latest collaboration, "Ram Pam Pam," as well as a deeper look at her relationship with manager-turned-fiancé Raphy Pina.

Things get real when they find out they're having a baby and Natti is asked, "Do you need to find a new manager?"

It's Natti's life like you've never seen it before; inside the studio, at home, on the set, celebrating life's most precious and happy moments and more.

"I don't think that little girl in the Dominican Republic imagined the dream she would be living," the superstar expresses.

Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime

Everybody Loves Natti will consist of six episodes, which will also include a look inside the creation of her latest album, NattiVidad, her pregnancy and the personal struggles she’s overcome, including fertility issues and the trials and tribulations of life as a Dominican immigrant.

Natti opened up to ET about why she decided to now share her story with the world, expressing how her fans have always "supported me."

"I have always been so private about my life in general because I take care of my family. It's not only because of me. But because [my fans] supported me. When [the offer to do the show] came [up], I was a little bit afraid of doing it because I was pregnant," Natti told ET. "I'm not going to hide my happiness for nothing in this world and I saw them supporting me, I saw them fighting for me, I saw how they waited for this project, for NattiVidad, from the first song to the last one."

"And I'm like, 'You know what? They deserve to know way more about Natti Natasha and to really, really get to know me so they really know who they're supporting,'" she continued. "And they're a part of my project and supported me from day one. So I feel like it's very important for them to be a part of everything."

Natti is ready to share her happiness with the world and never hiding it from anyone, saying, "Not for nada. Not anymore. I'm done with that."

Everybody Loves Natti premieres Nov. 19 on Amazon Prime.