Pregnant Mindy Kaling Opens Up About Her Dating Life: It's 'a Little Bit More Mysterious'

Mindy Kaling
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Mindy Kaling admits that she tends to have a stronger grasp on aspects of her professional life over her personal life. 

“My professional life is the only thing that I feel I have a lot of control over -- romantic stuff is a little bit more mysterious,” the 38-year-old actress-writer tells the September edition of American Way for American Airlines. “I think a lot of women respond to that.”

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Kaling is pregnant with her first child and has yet to reveal the identity of her baby-to-be's father, but opens up about why she wanted to portray a working mother on her Hulu series, The Mindy Project. The trailer for the final season of the show was also released on Friday. 

“On TV, we don’t see the discomfort that a lot of husbands feel when their wives have really demanding full-time jobs,” she says. “But in almost every one of my married friends’ relationships, this is the biggest single cause of stress.”

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While Kaling rarely talks about her personal life to the public, she did recently break her silence about being pregnant in a preview clip for an interview she did with Willie Geist on Sunday Today that will air on Sept. 10. 

"It’s so unknown to me," she says of pregnancy and motherhood. "I have a lot of control over a lot of aspects of my life, and this is one where I’m like, ‘OK, it’s out of my hands.'"

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Kaling is, however, keeping a sense of humor about motherhood. "It’s so easy to criticize parenting until you’re a parent," she quips. "So, one of the nice things about becoming a parent is that I’ll be able to openly criticize other parenting because I will have a child."

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