Rachel Leviss' Mom Shows Bite Mark, Explains How Graham Ended up With James Kennedy: 'He Bit Me to the Bone'

The mother of the 'Vanderpump Rules' star is speaking out about Graham biting her and trying to rehabilitate him.

Rachel Leviss and her mother, Laura, did everything they could for dog Graham Cracker, whom the Vanderpump Rules star once shared with her former fiancée, James Kennedy. Laura tells ET the family went above and beyond to find Graham the top rehabilitation center, even after he bit her so badly in the finger that she suffered nerve damage. 

News reports and social media users suggested Leviss dropped Graham off at a shelter, but her mother Laura tells ET that’s simply not true.

"Rachel put Graham into behavior classes after breaking up with James because he had bitten several people. When Rachel went into the mental health facility, she asked us to care for Graham as we have many times before. While caring for him he bit me to the bone, causing severe damage. I saw two doctors for the wound that suggested he be euthanized, which we absolutely declined, and sought out the best rehabilitation center, California Doodle Rescue, that gave him a trainer with over 40 years of experience. After discussing with Rachel, we made the tough decision to drive Graham on May 20 to California Doodle Rescue so that he wasn’t alone and delivered him directly to the trainer's home with a tearful goodbye," says Laura.

She continues, "While with the trainer, Graham bit both her and her husband. They still worked with him more to get him to a place where he could be adopted. He was placed with a new owner and was returned within three days after also biting her. The rescue then reached out to Lisa Vanderpump for financial assistance to hire a different trainer. Lisa offered to adopt Graham and he was picked up by Vanderpump Dogs Rescue on July 13. California Doodle Rescue was told that Vanderpump Dogs would either rehabilitate him and place him in a good home or he could live on her property until his dying day. My daughter nor I ever dumped Graham and want nothing but the best for him."

ET has obtained a photo of Laura's bloody injury after Graham bit her. WARNING: The image is graphic in nature.

Laura Leviss

We reached out to Vanderpump Dogs for comment and did not hear back.  

On Thursday, the Vanderpump Rules DJ posted photos to Instagram of him and Graham reunited in Lake Tahoe, California, as the cast filmed season 11 of the hit reality show.

Leviss and Kennedy got Graham in 2018, three years before ending their engagement. Leviss got Graham in the breakup since her parents bought the dog for her. Graham lived with her parents before moving back in with her. 

In December 2021, Kennedy and Leviss went their separate ways. The Vanderpump Rules stars took to Instagram to share that they were calling off their engagement. The surprising split came just six months after Kennedy popped the question

"After these five wonderful years we had together, we decided we have two different goals and made the decision to call off the engagement," Kennedy wrote alongside a photo of him and Leviss from what appeared to be the Bravo reality TV show's set. "We love each other very much, but we aren’t in love anymore. We want nothing but the best for each other so please keep any thoughts positive. Sending Love."

Leviss shared the same photo and statement on her page, informing her followers of their split.