The 14 Best Electric Candle Warmers on Amazon: Stylish Wax Melters and Modern Warming Lamps

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Lighting a candle can transform any space making it more comfortable and inviting. Certain scents can even create a relaxing atmosphere to make it easier to unwind after a long day. But with all the joy that a candle can bring, there are downsides.

For one, some places — like offices, classrooms and dorm rooms — don't allow candles due to the danger of an open flame. Second, a candle obsession can get pricey. So if you feel like you're burning money each time you light a candle or you're banned from lighting candles at all, an electric candle warmer might be the perfect solution. 

One type of candle warmer, a wax melter, provides a hot plate where you can place scented wax cubes, letting them melt and release a wonderful fragrance into the room without the fiery flame. Warming lamps, a similar option, allow you to place a candle above or below a bulb that slowly warms the candle's wax, filling a room with its scent. Candle warmers can be used in dorms, offices and other spots where you can't get away with striking a match. It's possible you've seen candle warmers popping up on your Instagram and TikTok feeds. For people who simply aren't fans of turning on the "big light" in a room, candle warmers add a romantic charm to any desk, countertop or corner. (And that's in addition to keeping the room smelling great.) 

Besides the safety a candle warmer brings, they come in absolutely adorable designs as well as modern sleek models that can fit into any decor style. Below, check out our picks for the best candle warmers you can buy from Amazon. 

Best Candle Warming Lamps

Bring some brightness to your space with this vintage-style lamp warmer. Decide how much light you want with the dimmable switch.


Use heat from a light bulb to melt the wax of a candle you already own and love. This rustic candle warmer works well in a farmhouse decor setting.


The large base on this candle warming lamp allows you to heat all sizes of candle. The modern design also has modern technology with a timer so you can set how long the light stays on. 


This warmer lamp has vintage charm with an intricate colored-glass lampshade. The lamp comes with high heat bulbs that will slowly melt your standard candles.  


Another candle warmer that heats from the top, put in candles you already own without having to light them. The lantern design will look great outdoors in the summer housing a citronella candle to keep the bugs away.


This modern candle lamp comes in white or black. You can adjust the heat and brightness on this lamp as needed.


For those who love all things unique, this robot candle warmer lamp is not one you see every day.


Best Wax Melters

This sage green candle warmer is elevated with a gold stripe around the base creating an elegant look for your space.


All white, this candle warmer with a vine pattern will blend in with most decor themes. 


Just because you're not using a candle doesn't mean that you have to miss the flickering lights of a flame. Melt wax while watching a beautiful light display.


With a wooden base and a high-quality ceramic top this candle warmer will melt wax in style. 


Another great option to emulate a candle, this warmer looks as if it's heated by burning coal. The adorable warmer even comes with a metal top to look like a real fire pit.


If you just want a candle warmer that gets the job done, this small warmer is your option. It doubles as a beverage warmer, so you can also use it for your cup of coffee in the morning.


Not only can you use wax melts in this candle warmer, but you can also put a smaller candle directly in the warmer or drops of essential oil. All three options will fill your room with wonderful fragrance. 



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